Force User Field Registration

NOTE: Force User Field Registration has reached End-of-Life. WordPress 2.6.x will be the last supported version! Read more:

Forces new users to register additional fields. Available fields are:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Nickname
  • AIM screen name
  • Yahoo IM screen name
  • Jabber/Google Talk user name


  • 2.5.*

Warning: This plugin WILL NOT work with version prior to 2.5!

Installation for Regular WordPress
Download the file and put it in your plugins directory.

Activate it.

To configure what fields are required register an account, login to the WordPress Dashboard. Then go to “Options” > “Force User Field Registration”

Known issues:

  • There are no known issues.

Installation for WordPress MultiUser

Download the file and put it in your plugins directory.

Activate it.

To configure what fields are required register an account, login to the WordPress Dashboard. Then go to “Options” > “Force User Field Registration”

Known issues:

  • There are no known issues with the MU version.

Latest version:

Change Log
Release Date: 5/19/2008
* Added PHPDoc
* Updated add_action to use inbuilt filter rather then have users add their own
* Update admin UI to 2.5 LnF
* Updated input tag to make it look like native input tags
* Updated fergcorp_forceRegistrationField_updateFields to use passed variable instead of DB query
* Updated error handling in fergcorp_forceRegistrationField_checkFields to use the new WP_Error object (note: this makes WP 2.5 a minimum requirement)

0.6 MU
Release Date: 1/17/2008
Only worked with username-only signups. Now it works with all types of signups.

0.5 MU
Release Date: 1/15/2008
Port of standard WP version to the WPMU platform to accommodate the architecture differences.
Changes include:
Some add_actions were changed to add_filters to take advantage of MU specific filter hooks.
Added a new function to accommodate the differences in WPMU user registration.

Release Date: 10/27/2007
Added back end management. This should make it pretty easy to use.
Updated code to take advantage of already established WordPress functions
Removed URL option due to a move in the WP database.

Release Date: 9/19/2007
Fixed hardcoded database entry and updated homepage link
Hosting switched to separate entity (i.e. no longer under fergcorp directory on svn)

Release Date: Long time ago
Original release

Last updated on January 17th, 2009 at 06:23 pm


163 thoughts on “Force User Field Registration”

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  17. Great plugin, Andrew, thank you so very much.

    I’m messing around with the code trying to get First Name / Last Name / whatever fields I include to show up above Username / Email Address but not getting very far.

    Any clue how I might go about this?

    Any help is greatly appreciated. 8}

  18. The additional fields are added using a WordPress hook. This hook occurs after the username and email address fields.

    In order to put fields in front of the username/email fields, you’ll have to physically modify the wp-login.php page. These modifications are outside the scope of this plugin, but shouldn’t be too hard to figure out.

  19. Glad it all works.

    A general note to all:
    I just added a donation button on the side bar (up and the right), so if you *really* like my plugins (and/or me) you might consider making a donation. I’m a college student (3rd year Elect. Eng.) and really only do this programming thing on the side for the love of it.

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  21. This plugin works as advertised. I’m very happy with it. Although, this is something that I wish the WP dev team had figured out a long time ago. Thanks for picking up the slack. This will improve the CRM features of my blogs a great deal.

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  23. this problem is coming when i paste ur code on line 245
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in E:\suresh\xampplite\htdocs\wordpress\wp-login.php on line 242
    plz help

  24. Hey, great and neat plug in. I do have a question:
    If I want to add a check box for privacy policy and not let the user register without checking it, will it be possible to add it to your script? and if it is yes, what will be the recommended approach for that?

  25. Yeah, thats what i was searching for. I use this for an article directory with many many authors.

    If someone is interested in an email-notification plugin for WP just contact me. it notify the admin if a new draft is saved and it notify the users if an article is published by the admin.

    Maybe i will make it publish it one time

  26. Andrew,

    The plugin is working as far as adding the extra fields… but it is not populating them into the users profile. The only extra fields that I am requiring are First and Last Name. But they are not being added to the Profile.

    Any suggestions?

  27. Fix: in function fergcorp_forceRegistrationField_updateFields, instead of INSERT INTO `kpipress_usermeta` use this:

    INSERT INTO $wpdb->usermeta

    Why not make the $optionsValue variable global, or put it in one function?

    It would be nice if the WordPress team added a call to apply_filter in wp_login.php so that we do not have to edit that file each time we’re upgrading wordpress.


  28. Great plugin, Andrew. I added some code at the bottom of the function fergcorp_forceRegistrationField_updateFields() so that the display name would be set to firstname lastname. If/when you get around to creating a user interface, you might consider allowing folks to set the default display name.

    	/* sets display name to first name, last name*/
    	$ln=$_POST['last_name'];$fn=$_POST['first_name'];$dn=$fn." ".$ln;
    	$query = "UPDATE $wpdb->users SET display_name = '$dn' WHERE ID = '$user_id'";
    		$query = apply_filters('update_user_query', $query);
    		$wpdb->query( $query );
  29. Hi Andrew,

    I want to use your plugin with WP 2.2.2 but I alway get this error message, if I want to register a new user on my blog:

    WordPress database error: [Table 'XXXXXXX.wp_usermeta' doesn't exist]
    INSERT INTO `wp_usermeta` ( `umeta_id` , `user_id` , `meta_key` , `meta_value` ) VALUES (NULL , '19', 'first_name', 'Hermann')

    WordPress database error: [Table 'XXXXXXX.wp_usermeta' doesn't exist]
    INSERT INTO `wp_usermeta` ( `umeta_id` , `user_id` , `meta_key` , `meta_value` ) VALUES (NULL , '19', 'last_name', 'Dobler')

    Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at XXXXXXX/wp-includes/wp-db.php:133) in XXXXXXX/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 341

    Do you have any solution for this problem?

  30. Thank you very much for your quick fix! It works fine.

    Just a small improvement: It would be useful to change the tapindex to 30. Otherwise the order is messy if you use the tap-key.

    Would it be possible to set with your plugin also the name which is used on the blog. Would be ok to have it automatic. I guess at the moment the nickname are used as default.

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  32. I’ve already modified my wp-login.php file, so my line 245 isn’t the default. Can you tell me what code should be infront and following your inserted do_action?


  33. @Alfons:

    It would be useful to change the tapindex to 30
    Yea, I saw that when I was upgrading it. I’ll make a note of that for the next release.

    Would it be possible to set with your plugin also the name which is used on the blog. Would be ok to have it automatic. I guess at the moment the nickname are used as default.
    I’ll look into this as another option.

  34. Hello I finally got the Plug in to work as far as showing up and forcing people to register. But when they register there is an error and it does not email the password. Word press 2.2 and plug in V. 0.11 did I do something wrong or is it that the email is not setup in the wp-login ?

  35. Here is a copy of the error I received.

    Internal Server Error
    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

    Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

    More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

    Apache/1.3.33 Server at Port 80

  36. @PastorP:

    I haven’t run into this error with the plugin. My guess is that something isn’t setup right.

    Some things I’d check:
    If you disable the plugin, are you able to register normally?

    Did you remember to add do_action('fergcorp_forceRegistrationField_hook'); to the appropriate place in the wp-login.php file?

  37. here is the errors log from the server

    [Sun Sep 23 22:53:32 2007] [error] [client] File does not exist: /var/chroot/home/content/b/e/t/bethyah/html/robots.txt
    [Mon Sep 24 00:09:33 2007] [error] [client] File does not exist: /var/chroot/home/content/b/e/t/bethyah/html/Assets/assets/seattle_background_paint.jpg
    [Mon Sep 24 02:17:31 2007] [error] [client] File does not exist: /var/chroot/home/content/b/e/t/bethyah/html/robots.txt
    convert: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
    convert: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
    [Mon Sep 24 04:13:08 2007] [error] [client] malformed header from script. Bad header= \x01@ \x01>P: /var/chroot/home/content/b/e/t/bethyah/html/advancedguestbook/addentry.php
    [Mon Sep 24 04:34:38 2007] [error] [client] malformed header from script. Bad header= \x01@ \x01>P: /var/chroot/home/content/b/e/t/bethyah/html/wordpress/wp-login.php

  38. @PastorP:

    Based on your error logs, there’s something wrong with wp-login.php.

    [Mon Sep 24 04:34:38 2007] [error] [client] malformed header from script. Bad header= \x01@ \x01>P: /var/chroot/home/content/b/e/t/bethyah/html/wordpress/wp-login.php)

    …unfortunately, there are several things it could be and without seeing the actual code, I can’t make any guesses.

    You’re welcome to email me your wp-login.php page and I’ll take a look at it.

  39. Hi Andrew,

    since I’m using your plugin I always get this error message if I want to delete a member:

    Warning: call_user_func_array() []: First argument is expected to be a valid callback, ‘Array’ was given in /is/htdocs/XXXXXX/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 160

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /is/htdocs/XXXXXXXX/wp-includes/plugin.php:160) in /is/htdocs/XXXXXX/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 341

    Afterwards the member is deleted, but something should be wrong. Do you have any advise?

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  42. Hi Andrew,

    Love your Plugin. It works great with a small footprint. Can you give me any clues to adding a dropdown select list using this plug?



  43. I am wanting to add a select age field to the registration page? I used your php script to add an age text input field and it worked great. Now I am trying to make the age input a dropdown select field.

    Thanks, Ryan

  44. OK, so I upgraded to version .5 of this fine plugin and also upgraded to version 2.3.1 of WordPress. Now my new wp-login.php file, of course, does NOT contain the hook code specified above. BUT, the registration plugin works anyway?

    Does version .5 no longer require one to add the specified code to wp-login.php?

  45. Great stuff. But how do I see the values entered by the users in the admin area? I can’t see them in the Users table or in the more detailed Edit User view either.

  46. Yes, I did (line 253 in the case of 2.3.1.). Versions 2.3.1 and 0.5 respectively. Does it make a difference I have users in the table from before installing the plugin?

  47. @Ryan:

    You’ll want to modify line 94. Let me know if you need more help.


    It does not make a difference if you already have users. This plugin does not add any new columns to tables. The data is actually stored separate from the users data and is linked to it via user_id. What extra data are you trying to collect? Do you have any other plugins that modify users or user registration? I’m attempting to replicate the issue on my end.

  48. I’m trying to collect just a nickname, and a short reply to a short question. So these added fields should be visible in the Users tab in the Admin view?

    I have Bouncer 0.82 (php4 version), User Permissions 0.6 and Role Manager 1.4.5 activated – not sure if these can have an effect?

  49. @mikko & @Ryan:

    Oh, ok. I think there’s some misunderstanding here. Force User Field Registration is designed to force users to register fields that WordPress has already designated. If you look at the overview section, there are six fields that you can force registration of. These are the only six fields that designed to be registered.

    I can definitely see how there was confusion. I have some old code for adding additional meta fields that I might release at some point. This old code in conjunction with Force User Field Registration would probably fulfill your needs, mikko.

  50. Hi Andrew,

    I was able to get my registration “age” drop down select field working.

    I added

    "age"		=>	"Age:"

    to the knownFields array and modified the input to this:

    <select id=”” name=”” value=”” class=”input” size=”1″>

    I doubt I did this correctly, but the values post with the other user meta and all seems to work good.

    I added this field to user_edit.php:

    <input type="text" name="age" value="age ?>" />

    and it works to display the value in the admin user edit page.



  51. Sorry, Having issues entering the code.

    Modified Input:

    		<select id="" name="" value="" class="input" size="1">

    User_edit.php added:

    <input type="text" name="age" value="age ?>" />
  52. @mikko:

    Okay. I’ve dug out the code, dusted off the cobwebs, and have requested a spot on the dev server (usually takes about a week or so to get space allocated).

    In the meantime, I’m updating the code to A) hide all the hideous code I wrote, and B) take advantage of some of the new or previously-unknown-to-me functions that WordPress has.

    Mostly as an FYI, but the next three weeks will see me take a trip to hell and back (hopefully back) as I have three rather hard exams to contend with. In short, if I disappear for a few days…you know where I’ve gone.

  53. Hi. Plugin is great! I’m using it as a gateway for my modified wordpress CMS project. But I too am having the same problems as Alfons re: deleting a member and seeing this:

    Warning: call_user_func_array() []: First argument is expected to be a valid callback, 'Array' was given in /wp-includes/plugin.php on line 164

    Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/theoblat/public_html/wp-includes/plugin.php:164) in /wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 391

    Deletion still works but still the warnings are there.

    On a side note, I was wondering how could I hack the plugin so that after I send the approval e-mail, it automatically changes the display name to the First Name + Last Name of the user?

  54. Hello!

    I am not sure what to do in my case. Here are my lines 237 to 254. How should it look after the change? What do I have to replace, what has to be how it is?

    if ( $user_login && $user_pass && empty( $errors ) ) {
    $user = new WP_User(0, $user_login);

    // If the user can’t edit posts, send them to their profile.
    if ( !$user->has_cap(‘edit_posts’) && ( empty( $redirect_to ) || $redirect_to == ‘wp-admin/’ ) )
    $redirect_to = get_option(‘siteurl’) . ‘/wp-admin/profile.php’;

    if ( wp_login($user_login, $user_pass, $using_cookie) ) {
    if ( !$using_cookie )
    wp_setcookie($user_login, $user_pass, false, ”, ”, $rememberme);
    do_action(‘wp_login’, $user_login);
    } else {
    if ( $using_cookie )
    $errors[‘expiredsession’] = __(‘Your session has expired.’);

  55. @Lars:

    First, I haven’t done any testing with this plugin and WP-MU, so it may not even work. But you’ll want to modify lines 124-129 to make it look like:

    if (FALSE == wp_mail($user_email, sprintf(__('[%s] Password Reset'), get_option('blogname')), $message)) {
    die('<p>' . __('The e-mail could not be sent.') . "<br />\n" . __('Possible reason: your host may have disabled the mail() function...') . '</p>');
    } else {

    Note the addition of the ‘do_action’ line right before the ‘wp_redirect’ line.

  56. Hi Andrew,

    I was searching again and found this update today, really great ! I’m very happy with this, thanks !

    Would it be possible now too, to add you own userfields that you can add to the plugin, have you tested something like that ?

    Thanks again, really great !

  57. Hi Andrew,

    In some strange way I’m forces back to the first page of registration and the additional fields like, Name and Surename, are red and I need to fill them in again.

    I have to check if it’s my wp-signup.php that is messed up, but I thought, I will let you know 🙂

  58. @Mattz:

    Hmm, that’s interesting. I reproduced the error on my end, so it’s not your anything you did.

    It only seems to happen when a new user also wants to register a new blog. I’ll take another gander through the code and see what I can figure out.

  59. Hi Andrew,

    OK, nice to hear, thanks.

    Do you have an idea to add extra fields to the user that can be filled in this way too ?

    This would be awesome too.

  60. @Mattz, et al:

    I’ve uploaded version 0.6 for MU which fixes the user registration bug. I’ll continue to work on implementing admin customizable user fields in my free time (maybe this weekend?)

  61. It’s been a busy few weeks. Someone emailed me some code that may allow for customizable fields and I hope to take a look at that soon. In the meantime, everyone should just hold their horses. 🙂

  62. Well, I use SVN system for version control. You can always see what the latest status of the MU version is by going here:

    If anyone is interested in working on it, let me know what your (not username is and I can find out how to add you to the list of authorized contributors. You’d also need to set up SVN.

    You can also just email me the file after you update it and I can manually merge them.

  63. OK, that would be a good idea.

    You also talked about some code someone emailed you that might be usable for this feature.

    Was this what I sent you, or something else ?

  64. Hello Andrew,

    thank you very much for this plugin.
    It is “almost” what I was looking for.
    What I would like to see in the next release is also a check box stating that you have read the TOS (Terms of Service, Disclosure, etc.) in order to be allowed to register.
    That is just a comment on something I would really appreciate to see on the next release.

    Best regards,

    Mexiko Blog – Deutsche in Mexiko

  65. @Mattz, et al.:

    It was some code that Igor Olemskoi had sent me. I have taken a look at it and I’m not quite sure if I want to integrate it yet.

    I have to be a bit honest. I’m not really sure which direction I want to take this plugin. Half of me wants to make it a simple plugin that forces users to populate fields already described by WordPress.

    There’s another part of me that also wants to concede to the masses and make this a do all function.

    I think my inclination is to just let it be a simple plugin that forces users to populate fields already described by WordPress.

    Around when WordPress 2.5 is released, I may come out with another (different) plugin that will add fields to user profile pages. Ideally, this would hook into WordPress in such a way that the additional fields would be discoverable by other plugins, such as Force User Field Registration.

  66. Hi Andrew,

    That sounds great to have such a plugin. It will be much more usable with other plugins indeed !

    If yo talk about WordPress 2.5, will you also concider to make this compatible with WordPress MU ?

    Thanks for your replies !

  67. for update_site_option it’s only saved one data for blog but use for every blog. If you use update_option it’s will saved data for every blog, duplicate data.

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  69. Andrew, why does this go into the plugins directory of WPMU instead of mu-plugins? I don’t think the regular user should see this in their plugins page (or have the ability to activate/deactivate).

  70. Hey Andrew. Is there any way to set a required value for one of the fields. What I want to do if possible is have a field for a invite key / passcode, which if it is not correct I do not want the registration to go through.

    Let me know if you get the chance.
    Thanks in advance!

  71. @jonas:

    Mostly because I don’t use WPMU and have no idea how it’s typically deployed. 🙂
    You should be able to put it in this “mu-plugins” folder you speak of without any issues, but I haven’t tested it yet.


    There is not a way to do what you want with this plugin. I also don’t believe I will be adding that feature since it lies outside the scope of the plugin.

    However, I can’t believe that there’s not a plugin that does what you want already. Have you tried looking?

  72. Thanks for the quick response, Andrew. I put it in mu-plugins, and that does remove it from the plugins tab and it still works, but it still shows up for all users under the options section. I’m trying to figure out how I can remove that, and just set the configuration inside the file itself rather than pulling it from the form on the options page.

    To set the configuration–the fields I want, presumably I have to set a variable manually. Is it this one:


    Can you show me an example of how to assign to that? Does it take an array or a hash?

    Many thanks. I have a deadline tomorrow, so I pray that you have a chance to answer today!


  73. This seems to be working okay. I commented out the part for the options page and made small changes:

    $fergcorp_forceRegistrationField_mu_knownFields = array(
    “name” => “Name”,
    “dog_name” => “Dog Name”,
    “cat_name” => “Cat Name”

    $additionalFields = array(“additionalFields” => array(“name”,”dog_name”, “cat_name”));
    add_option(“fergcorp_forceRegistrationField_mu”, $additionalFields);
    $fergcorp_forceRegistrationField_mu_getOptions = get_option(“fergcorp_forceRegistrationField_mu”);

    That gets it working pretty well. The next thing I need to do is change the user’s profile page so they can edit the new fields.

    Thanks for the great plugin!

  74. Hi Andrew,
    Another question for you. Each of the fields has a corresponding hidden input field with an identical id attribute. Is there any way to change the way this works, because if there’s a duplicate of id values, then autocomplete won’t work on the page. And for a lot of input values on a registration page, you need autocomplete, because a dropdown is not practical for a larger selection. Autocomplete via something like scriptaculous requires unique IDs. Please help!


  75. @jonas:

    Are you willing to share this when you fixed it ?

    “That gets it working pretty well. The next thing I need to do is change the user’s profile age so they can edit the new fields.”

    Would be nice to see if we can get something to work here together.

  76. Thanks, Andrew. Still working on the autocomplete and the profile page. I’m more concerned about the autocomplete, because i’m not sure how to get a unique id if the same id is required for the hidden field. Any suggestion?

    i’ll post when i get the profile editing bit done.

    stay tuned!

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  78. Hi Jonas,

    Wow, we can start with this indeed.

    Do you know if you see the fielddata of the user also when you login as admin to his backend ?

    It was filled with the user and empty when I did that as an admin… at least that was the problem that I had with some creature of me 🙂

  79. you know what your doing dude. so make sure that people get this i got this stupid script working but had a so much hard time.. anyways if this was working i wont mind giving you money. good luck.. guys need help with this script.

  80. Looks like there is a slight problem with 2.5. The form fields in the plug-in settings are not visible. I had set up this plugin before upgrading to 2.5 but if I needed to modify it or use it for the firt time, I would not be able to set it up.

  81. I thought Andrew was going to release a new version for 2.5 with some extra features.

    I don’t know if he had time yet, he is quite busy.

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  83. Hi,
    I’m using this plugin with WP 2.5.1 and SABRE, and the new registered users on my blog don’t have their fist na name and last name set, as I asked this plugin to do. Is that a bug, you think?

  84. I hope he updates this plugin soon. I noticed that the extra form fields are not updating in a new users profile. I thought the form fields we simply not visible but now the plugin is all but unusable with 2.5.1

    Anyone able to use this plugin with the latest version of WP?

  85. Sorry all for not getting around to updating this sooner. It’s been a rough semester, but I’m almost done. I hope to turn my attention back to developing soon, but school has to come first, sorry guys.

  86. Works for me in 2.5 (I haven’t tried 2.5.1 yet).

    I placed the hook ( do_action('fergcorp_forceRegistrationField_hook'); ) on line 184, just above wp_new_user_notification($user_id, $user_pass);

    I suppose CSS issues could be causing the fields to not show under certain conditions.

    Thanks for the plugin Andrew.

  87. Just a tip for the MU version:
    You can place a call at the top checking to see if the user accessing the menu is the SITE admin, whcih is the master admin guy in an MU install (if is-site_admin).
    that way the Site Admin can fiddle with it for registrations and the users can’t access it.

    i’ll see if I can have a look at the code and help out specifically for MU.

    (get better soon. study hard for those exams. 😉 )

  88. Hello.
    I´ve updated to WP 2.5.1 and your plugin doesn´t work.
    Do you have some code for 2.5.1?

    Registrants who filled aou the applet with name are not shown in the menu of wp.

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  90. As craig noted, version 0.6 is now out and is playing nicely with WP 2.5.*.

    Check out the release notes if you have any questions, however I will mention that you do need WP 2.5 or higher in order to use this release. This is due to a new error handling object that WP introduced in WP 2.5. Also, you do not need to modify the wp-login.php file anymore. I found the hook I’ve been looking for (it’s buried about three function calls deep in the WP code from where I was expecting it), so you should just be able to install the plugin, activate it, configure it, and go.


  91. @Mattz:

    The two different versions are not kept in step version wise – which hopefully doesn’t cause too much confusion.

    Force User Registration Field for WPMU is already at v0.6, however it has not been updated since January. However, it still works with the most recent release of WPMU.

  92. Hi Andrew,

    In regards to the required field errors…

    On my development server (Apache with PHP 5) I get the errors when the plugin fields are not filled in.

    On the live server (Microsoft IIS 5 with PHP 4.3.11) I am able to submit the form with empty fields (only username and email prompt errors).

    Any idea where I can start to trouble shoot this?


  93. Andrew,

    That’s the problem – I don’t get any “required” errors if the extra fields are not filled in. So a user registering is able to submit if the fields are empty (only the username and email get checked for empty fields), but this is only happening on the IIS server (PHP 4), not Apache (PHP 5).

    I am using wordpress 2.5.1 (latest) and the latest version of your plugin.

    The only major difference I can see between the two servers that would cause this is the version of PHP running on the IIS server. I know there is not too much code in your plugin, but is it supposed to work with PHP 4.3.11?


  94. hi Andrew, i use this in mu it works on the register page, now how to get it show in the user page (get_option? is there anyway to hook in the user page? I had add a few field ie phone, and 2nd email.

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  100. A user sent me an email:

    I did run into a problem with the registration process. WPMU allows you to sign up for a blog when you register, and when that happened, all the extra registration info evaporated. I eventually figured out that you can make it stick around by adding a hook to the ‘signup_blogform’ filter and making a bunch of hidden input fields containing the information there.

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  103. Hey i use this plugin on my site but i have a few problems with it. Id didnt have the same style as the other fields so i took your style code out and fixed the tab index thing, but even though the code looks exactly the same as the other fields on the page, it doesnt render it right. (check out my pages registration page.

  104. Hi,
    I am trying to install you plugin but i am facing some problem.
    In admin it shows that it has been activated while in user section it don’t display.
    Kindly help me its urgent for me.


    1. @Devendra,

      As I already said, the plugin has reached the end of its life. This means that I am no longer developing this program or offering support.

      If you would like to hire me to help you with this problem, my rates are very reasonable.

  105. I edited the code for the plugin to get the input fields to look exactly like the ones that WP provides — the ones this plugin generates don’t match. Within the tag input type="text" use this inline CSS:

    style="font-size: 20px; width: 97%; height: 29px; padding: 3px; margin-right: 6px; margin-bottom:15px; background-color: #fbfbfb; border: solid 1px #dfdfdf;"

  106. Trying to edit the plugin to add “Unit Type” and “District” as fields.
    Unit Type needs a drop down: Pack, Troop, Crew, At-Large
    District needs a drop down: District A, B, C, etc, and Other Council
    Is that possible? Can you help?

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