Check Email Posts

Note: Does not work correctly! Do not use in a production environment!

Uses the inbuilt cron to check for posts-by-email every hour. This is considered a viable replacement for using the WP-Cron plugin or using true *nix cron.


WordPress version 2.1 or higher is required!

Will not work with version less than 2.1!

Download the file and place it in your plugins directory.

Activate the plugin from the Plugins menu in the Admin panel.

There are currently no settings. About once every hour, the plugin will silently load wp-mail.php, thus posting any emails which have been sent to the address specified in the post-by-email settings.

Lastest Version:

  • Not available at this time


2/16/2007 – Version 0.1:
Initial version.

22 Replies to “Check Email Posts”

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  2. It appears that once you email something to your blog, it will keep re-posting the item every hour until it is deleted, forcing me to check the website to see if it has been posted, and then logging in and deleting the email message so it doesn’t get picked up again.

    Am I doing something wrong? or is this the normal way? Maybe if I forward to a POP3 account and then delete the message after it’s posted? But that would still defeat the purpose of not having to log-in somewhere to update the blog, no?


  3. Babar,

    I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong. I’ve been having some issue too (that’s why this isn’t even close to version 1.0). I’m working on it on and off trying to iron out the bugs.

  4. Just to let you know your plugin works great for me.
    Figured you might like somme positive feedback.
    On of my sites is for a Fraternity Alumni group. I wanted to make an archive of all th past monthly email notices that had ben sent out reminding our Alums of the meeting and announcing the speaker/program. Since the email notices began back in January of 1999 you can see why I did not want to manually create each and every post.
    I just resent the original email to the new mailbox on our server that WordPress was configured to check and fired off the emails one year at a time. Once 1999 was posted I sent 2000, etc…
    Populated without issue and never made a duplicate.
    FYI, the mail server I run on this box is SmarterMail hosting about 30 domains and 500 users

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