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Latest version Released (June 13, 2017):


Compatibility (i.e. versions I test against, may work with other versions as well)

  • Requires WordPress Version: 4.4
  • Compatible up to: 4.8.12


When an image is available:

<blockquote cite="">Some text from a science and space article on</blockquote>

…goes to…

Some text from a science and space article on

When no image is available:

<blockquote cite="">Some text from the page</blockquote>

…goes to..

Some text from the page



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  3. Hi, I was wondering if there was a demo available or a screenshot so one could see this plugin in-action please? 🙂 Thanks!

  4. Here are two examples: has two blockquotes. The first blockquote uses the format:

    <blockquote cite="">Have you ever gotten....the BEER came to ME???"</blockquote>

    As you can see, the blockquote is rewritten to include a link the format “From”

    The second blockquote uses the format:

    <blockquote>Well, that was how launching mini-fridge.</blockquote>

    There was no “cite” element for the second blockquote, so it behaves normally.

    A second example would be
    The first blockquote is the same as the first blockquote for the previous example. However, the second blockquote as an image associated with it, so it displays that image with a link to the source.

    Hope that helps!

  5. General Note:

    I just added a donation button on the side bar (to the right), so if you *really* like my plugins (and/or me) you might consider making a donation. I’ve been spending more and more time writing and supporting plugins. I?m a college student (3rd year Elect. Eng.) and really only do this programming thing on the side for the love of it.

  6. Citing a blockquote:


    some text here


    blockquote[cite] p:last-child:after {
    content: “(Citation: ” WHAT GOES HERE?? “) “;

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