Spurred on by the coolness1 that Viper007Bond (aka Alex Mills) enabled with his site-specific URL shortener, I have also implemented a similar functionality, also using YOURLS.

a-n-d-r-e-w-f-e-r-g-u-s-o-n-.-n-e-t is 18 characters. I’ve managed to reduce that down to a mere seven (a 61% reduction in effort). is primarily designed to serve at the short URL location and branding for AFdN. This will primarily be seen in social media, such as Twitter, but could also show up in print locations where space may be limited.


Instead of showing a link similar to (as shown above), links to AFdN will now appear similar to All previous short URLs will, of course, to continue to function. Only new posts (and old posts that have been edited) will see the new shortened URLs.

The self-referential nature of using did occur to me, but the domain was already taken.

This has also been rolled out for, which uses as its shortened URL.

  1. Honestly, the real reason I implemented this is that is too long to put on a photo strip branding logo