Adding a Flickr Badge to WordPress.com

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My friend Kelly has a question about adding a Flickr Badge to his hosted WordPress.com blog:

You are the only wordpress guru I know and I have a question.

How do I add a sample of pictures from Flickr on the sidebar of my blog? You do it and a few other people have done it both based off of wordpress.com like I am and independently hosted like you. Yours is the coolest, but I understand if I can’t do that with wordpress.com

What do you know guru?


You can’t use the same badge that I do because you need JavaScript and WordPress.com doesn’t allow JavaScript (it’s a security issue). However, there is a solution. Log into your WordPress dashboard and go to Appearance > Widgets. Toward the bottom under “Available Widgets”, there should be a Flickr widget. Add it.

Scroll back up the page and under “Current Widgets” You should the Flickr widget. Click “Edit” and follow the instructions. Then click “Done” and “Save Changes.”