The First Item I Ever Bought on EBay

Ten years ago today, I ((technically my parents, but I was the one who used it)) signed up for EBay. I was in 8th grade and so very badly wanted a LEGO set that had recently ceased production. Specifically, set 4555: Freight Loading Cargo Station.

4555: Freight Loading Cargo Station
4555: Freight Loading Cargo Station

I think I paid somewhere around $77 for it, which was a pretty good deal, since Lugnet says it retailed for $66. The other interesting fact, PayPal did not exist back then ((PayPal, as we know it, didn’t form until March 2000, so I had to pay by certified money order via the USPS.

This involved me getting on my bike, riding to Washington Mutual, withdrawing cash from my savings account ((I wouldn’t have a checking account for at least two more years, I believe)), riding a couple more blocks to the post office and getting the money order. I sent the money order to the guy, which took several days, waited for him to deposit it, then waited several more days to get the package in the mail. The whole transaction probably took several weeks to complete, and certainly none of this instant pay crap that we can do online now.

In Which I Suddenly Find Myself a JPMorgan Chase Member

Call it the ultimate NCAA March Madness Bracket. Although it isn’t March, it’s not run by the NCAA, and there’s more at stake than the $20 you threw in your friends pool.

Last week, I suddenly found myself a member of JPMorgan Chase…Washington Mutual having been sold to them for $1.9 billion.

Looks like I lost my bracket.

via TechCrunch

WaMu’s Online Check Viewer

I’ve only had a checking account for a handful of years now and wasn’t part of that wonderful era where ever single check you wrote was returned to you for free. Well, no more. I logged on to my account the other day and I noticed that I view scanned images of my checks. How cool!