Lazy to Run

Here are my stats from last year; considering I had never really run before, I think this is pretty good!

This year so far, I’ve run a total of four times, or once every other week, for about 13 miles. Suck.

I’m not quite sure what the deal is, why I’m not more motivated to run…I’m just not. I finally signed up for the St. Patrick’s Day Dash today, so I’m hoping that will help. I’m also hoping that I’ll be ready to run it in three weeks!


Comment Stats

TDavid over at Make You Go Hmm has been playing around with mySQL to get stats on his users comments. I also enjoy looking at pretty numbers (always being careful to remember they mean absolutely nothing), so I did some digging in my own comments database.

So here we go:
First up, total posts by year:

The blue line is all comments. The red line is all comments minus the ones from the WordPress plugin related pages, which are typically help related. While this year isn’t over yet, I highly doubt I’ll get to 2007 or even 2006 levels of comments.

Top ten commenters of all time are

  1. Andrew Ferguson (595)
  2. quinn (108)
  3. staples.jeff (107)
  4. Audrey (69)
  5. Matt Matteson (43)
  6. Peter (42)
  7. CrazyBarbour (40)
  8. laura (34)
  9. Amelie (23)
  10. Ryan “Artoo” Goodwin (19)

I was going to post the leader board for each individual year, however people changed their emails and the way they entered their names in the comment fields and I really don’t want to fix all of them to get accurate results.

I’m kind of stumped as to why 2006 was such a good year for commenting. Interestingly enough, this year has seen more comments per a post, which I think is good. Thoughts?


2007 Year End Zeitgeist, Part 2

I forgot to mention some of the other important year end numbers, so here goes:

Number of posts: 326
Number of comments: 683
Number of comments by me: 208
Number of unique commenter’s: 217
Most prolific commenter (other then me): Quinn with 21 comments


2007 Year-End Zeitgeist

Google is publishing their Zeitgeist, so I thought I’d get mine done too.

Here are the top ten search key phrases for 20071:

  1. countdown timer
  2. andrew ferguson
  3. andrew
  4. posted
  5. wordpress countdown
  6. countdown timers
  7. blockquote cite
  8. count down timer
  9. wordpress countdown plugin
  10. boeing

Top five identified web crawlers for 20071:

  1. Yahoo Slurp
  2. MSNBot
  3. Googlebot
  4. Ask
  5. MSNBot-media

Top three identifiable operating systems for 2007:

  1. Windows 69.1%
  2. Macintosh 6.9%
  3. Linux 1.9%

Top seven identifiable Internet browsers for 2007:

  1. MS Internet Explorer 41.6 %
  2. Firefox 31.0%
  3. Mozilla 3.7%
  4. Safari 3.0%
  5. Opera 1.9%
  6. Netscape 0.7%
  7. Camino 0.2%

Bandwidth: 37.67 GB of data served
Page hits: 776,512
Average monthly views2: 7633

1 as measured by AWStats for the entire domain
2 as measured by on the blog only for the months of May to November