starting work

Starting on a Friday

I started work this past Friday. People have been asking why start on a Friday? The short answer is: because I want to. The longer answer is steeped in tradition.

The work week starts on a Friday and goes to the following Thursday. I have no idea why this is, it just is. Also, the first day of my internship, which I started over three years ago, was a Friday (due to training). Finally, it’s Friday, which means the next day is the weekend. What a perfect way to start the week…by ending it.

Anyway, I arrive at work, called my boss, and was on my way. Having done this three time previously, I’m a little bit of an expert at first days. Getting accounts activated, phones requested, training assigned, and the such. Typically it takes forever a few days to get it all setup, so I brought a book in case I had to wait for things to propagate.

As it turned out, I would not need my book. I was able to get my accounted activated in short order, and email was enabled by time lunch finished. In fact, it seems as there was a list of things for me to do that’ve been piling up since the beginning of the month. I had to quickly play catch up – remembering what the state of things were when I left and then figuring out what had changed since I’d been gone. So I had a pretty full day.

It wasn’t all good news though as the Howard Hanson Dam has decided to start leaking. And if the dam were to fail, the Green River Valley (which is where I work) could be under several feet of water….like over 6 feet. Great. I’m thinking about getting one of these Auto Hydrostatic Inflatable Personal Flotation Devices to wear around just in case.

Working should be good though and I’m definitely excited to be back. I have a great job, at a great company, with people who are awesome.

When I got back to the car, I had a gazillion missed text messages. So I should probably make an administrative note here and say that I will not have my cellphone on me at work. Thus I will not be able to receive text messages. However, if you call me on either my cell phone or Google Voice number, it will ring through to my office and you can get a hold of me that way if you must.