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Everthing just seems to fall into place / Senior Project: Day 2

  • SAAS

Prom prepartations are pretty much just falling into place. The corsage is order and all that is left is to figure out the transportation issue. That should be resolved by today though.

Yesterday I finished the computer rack and put the computers in it. We recieved a shipment of circut boards, so we had to go to the machine shop to cut them up into their individual boards. We used a very cool drill press. Setting up took forever, but the cuts were perfect. I started working on installing the tap into the gas tank on the second robot so that we can drain the gas when we’re done running it. I was able to take off the gas tank before I had to leave. Today I hope to finish that project and then start working on cutting some wheel wells for robot one.

Today: 3 hrs
This week: 5 hrs 
5 hrs