Free is Awesome

Being a college student, I love free stuff. Heck, I love free stuff even when I wasn’t a college student and I’ll continue to like it when graduate. But I especially like it while I’m in college. A few months ago, I participated in the Riya Alpha test and today they shipped out my free camera. I actually find it rather ironic that a Riya, a photo site similar to Flickr, would send me a free camera, since I must have already owned a camera to Alpha test Riya. But I really shouldn’t complain, it is free.

Riya is sending me a Canon SD550, the one that Maria Shaprova pitches. To bad she doesn’t come free with camera.

It should be here in a couple of days. I will probably keep it for those times when I don’t feel like taking my D70 with me. Thankfully the SD550 also uses CompactFlash. Also, a special thanks to Ann Chao, Technical Assistant to the CEO of Riya.


Riya: Error Report Batch One

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The technology is cool, no doubt about that. However, this is definitely an alpha version and tons more work needs to be done, especially in the display of photos area. Here’s my first bug report (also emailed to the Riya team):

  1. When I was tagging faces, some of the faces did not appear. I labeled them as “AlphaError”.
  2. Some faces are not recognized. When I go in to manually tag them, I find that I usually can’t drag a box around their face if their face is too close to another tagged face.

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