Moving Registrars

I’m switching registrars so I can leave GoDaddy. There should be no issues since only the registrar data is changing. While this technically touches the DNS system, it’s only updating the registrar data at Internic and leaving the DNS servers the same (including the Start of Authority server). However if something does go wrong, now you know why.

This is the first step in a reorganization of some of the technical assets that I use worldwide. I’m cooking up some really cool things that I hope will leverage WordPress in an incredibly awesome way and also let me move away from Facebook.


My Ticket Out: Undergraduate Application to Graduate

I’ve completed more then 90 credit hours and thus I’ve reached the point at my time at Mines when I can submit my Undergraduate Application to Graduate. It’s actually a pretty simple form. Two sides. Takes less then five minutes to fill out. I envisioned it being a climactic event with my paperwork undergoing rigorous scrutiny.

It wasn’t.

The registrar asked how she could help.
I said that I was turning in my Undergraduate Application to Graduate.
I handed my form over and she quickly looked at both sides, proclaimed that it looked complete and stamped it with her giant “Paperwork Received” stamp.

I hope the actual graduation ceremony is more exciting than this.