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Here are all the comments left on The Wall at Facebook. Mostly here for archival purposes:

Tyson Muffly wrote
at 12:41am February 1st, 2006
ok ok, as requested by you 🙂

Happy friggin Birthday man!!!
p.s. You are the statics man!

Kelly McConnell (Western Washington) wrote
at 12:16am February 1st, 2006
Happy Birthday Ferg! I hope that it is/has been a fun one

Hannah B (Whitworth) wrote
at 11:34pm January 31st, 2006
hey happy birthday! go play with the camera. and something electronic. 🙂
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Looking at a Spanking New Ex-Mines Student (not me)

I have some sad news to report. Rachel Doyle isn’t coming back to Mines next year. I can’t tell you how this messes up my plans for next year 😉 . I was looking so forward to talking Chem II with her and Katie. But life goes on. She promises to come back because Mines is her “niche.” She later goes on to call me an Enginerd. I’ll have to use that one.


When All is Said and Done

Well, there are no guarentees, but something is brewing:

(16:30:27) Ferg: hey
(16:30:31) Katie: hey andrew!
(16:30:44) Ferg: econ as boring as rachel says it is?
(16:31:14) Katie: it was horrible.
(16:31:24) Katie: but, I’m done for the day. at least with class.
(16:31:30) Ferg: that is good news
(16:31:56) Ferg: do you have any idea on when you might go up skiing next?
(16:32:35) Katie: No, I’m not training this week and I don’t think I’m going to Telluride this weekend, so maybe we can go then.
(16:33:03) Ferg: ok. that would be awesome.
(16:33:32) Katie: yeah, I’ll try, I can’t promise though, I have so much stuff to do, Rach and I are way behind.
(16:34:14) Ferg: no worries. if it works great. if it doesn’t, there’s always next week (or the week after, add infinitum)
(16:34:35) Ferg: i think we should start a calc study group
(16:35:05) Katie: exactly, we gotta get you back on the teles. Yeah, thanks for you help today, we needed it. OR at least I needed someone to tell rach she wasn’t doing it right.
(16:36:52) Ferg: regarding teles: yes, i really want to get back on them too. I think I was finally getting the hang of it at the end of the last day.
regarding math: glad to help.
(16:38:15) Katie: Thank you, yeah we’ll get you on skis, maybe the tele club will do something in the near future
(16:38:28) Ferg: that would be super awesome
(16:38:46) Katie: yeah, for sure.
(16:40:21) Ferg: i know this is sort of taboo to do over IM, but I doubt I would have the guts to do it in person: would you like to go out some time?
(16:41:34) Ferg: no need to respond now
(16:41:50) Katie: Sure, it’d be fun. No promises on anything, but we should spend more time together, you’re cool.
(16:42:03) Ferg: thanks…you’re cooler though
(16:42:25) Katie: No worries, it’s way easier than you think.
(16:42:49) Ferg: ok
(16:43:01) Ferg: well. that’s one thing i’m not good at, yet.
(16:43:23) Ferg: but thanks for understanding
(16:43:51) Katie: Whatever! you’re fine.
(16:44:13) Ferg: whew


Hmmm… Part II

I talked with Rachel Doyle tonight, Katie’s roomate. Apparently, there may be some interest. She also concluded that I was "cute" and better then the last person Katie was interested in. Anywho, Rachel said that she’ll keep me informed of what there plans are. I think this holds some promise. Could this be the one? Who knows.


Telemark Skiing

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Telemark Skiing

So I went telemark skiing with the newly formed CSM TeleSki club. This was their first (or second, depending on who you ask) outting. This story is sort of interesting, so just hang with it.
I was originally planning on going skiing with Liz Purdy yesterday. However, that shifted to tomorrow so that we could ski all day (I wasn’t going to be done with class until 12). So here I am, eating dinner at the Cafe when I run in to Rachel Doyle. That was actually kind of exciting because I was worried that she might have left CSM because she was mentioning that she might no come back next year in last semesters Earth Lab. Anyways, she is roomates with Katie Gallagher whois the co-president of the CSM TeleSki club (although I didn’t know this at the time). After I was done eating, I grabbed my desert and headed over to their table to chat it up. Making small talk, I asked what they were up to this weekend. As it turned out, they we’re going to go Telemarking tomorrow. They asked if I wanted to go and I said yes, stating that I wasn’t going to do anything else tomorrow and they were saving me from a full day of boredom. After dinner, they were on their way to Alpenglow to rent tele equipment because Rachel didn’t have any. So I came along so I could rent equipment too.
So this morning we headed up to A-Basin and I spent the day learning how to telemark and I have to say it’s pretty awesome. I’ve been skiing for about 15 years now and teaching for the last 4, so this was a welcome digression to something new. So yea, check out the pictures.



Many interesting things have been happening since I moved down to Morgan Hall. First, it takes less then two minutes to get from bed to breakfast. Second, the sense of community is much greater. There have also been many more opportunities to do extracurricular activities, such as IM 5-man soccer. And Telemarking with the CSM TeleClub. On a slightly related note, I saw Rachel Doyle today (duh!). I was worried that she might have left CSM because she was mentioning that she might no come back next year in last semesters Earth Lab. Anyways, she is now rooming with Katie Gallagher who is sort of like Peter Walchenbach, but a girl, much hotter, she teleies (doesn’t alpine), and competed in Junior Olympic Kayaking. Anyways, she seems like someone I would consider dating. We’ll see. I’ve talked with her only a handful of times, however tomorrow should provide some opportunities to learn more.


Nordic Drive By

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Nordic Drive By

Skiing with the Purdy’s got pushed back until Sunday, however, I am going to go telemarking with Rachel, Katie, and the newly formed CSM TeleClub. I’ve never teled before, so this should be fun! Robin Williams calls the winter biathlon a Nordic drive by because you telemark between shooting points.