Cunningham Seawall 10K

It’s been a long time since I’ve run a race—I kind of just stopped running in 20121.

I got back into doing something fitness related in June 2015 with CrossFit, which has been a boon for me…especially with all my travel I’ve done this year2. I signed up to run a 10K with Rachel and some friends in Vancouver, BC some months ago and that’s what got me really running again. With help from Coach Monica at Twenty Pound Hammer I got a running plan together to make this my best race yet.

After doing lots of free runs and looking at the data, I set a goal pace of 5:30 min/km ± 15 seconds3. For me, this amounts to around 80 strides a minute. I built a playlist around this pace that I trained with and raced to.

It’s also cool to see how far technology has come in the last few years. I used to run with a Nike+ sensor that I placed on my shoe to detect steps and eventually moved up to using their iPhone app. I recently switched to using iSmoothRun with Smashrun and Strava and I get so much more data…which is what also helped me pick my goal pace.

I also have sinus tachycardia …nothing serious, just something I have to keep an eye on. I’ve found through trial and error that so long as I can keep my HR below 190 I don’t get winded such that I have to slow down (e.g. think about how long you can run a sprint). This seems to put me at around 5:30 min/km on flat surfaces, though with more training I’m hoping to best this.

Official Stats:

10K time: 58:40 (5:52 min/km)

5K time: 27:54 (5:35 min/km)

Overall ranking: 850 / 3071

Division Ranking (Male 30-34): 81 / 1424

Gender (Male): 467 / 1048



0006 0004 0008

  1. 2012 July 2nd was my last recorded run 

  2. but that’s a another story 

  3. 8:51 min/mi 

  4. Sabo finished 79th and Charlie 80th…even though I didn’t run with them 


One month ago I decided to run a marathon…a dash…a run. Something.

Today I picked up my race bib (#9885), my timing chip, and my shirt. I also calibrated my Nike + iPod by running over to Roosevelt High School and running around their track a couple of times. I also finalized my iPod music, which has been carefully and scientifically calibrated to be awesome:

Action This Day Queen Hot Space
Paranoid Android Radiohead OK Computer
Riding The Waves Afro Celt Sound System Volume 2: Release
The Piano Knows Something I Don’t Know Panic At The Disco Pretty. Odd.
Dirt Off Your Android (Instrum Jaydiohead Jaydiohead Instrumentals
The Middle Jimmy Eat World Bleed American
I’ll Do Anything Jason Mraz Waiting for My Rocket to Come
Just a Dream James Fate Nate James is James Fate
The Hands That Built America {From Gangs of New York} U2 Best of 1990-2000 [Bonus Tracks/DVD] Disc 1
Kashmir Bond Shine
Gamble Everything For Love Ben Lee Awake is the New Sleep
Go to Sleep Radiohead Hail to the Thief
Flower Moby Gone in 60 Seconds
Wheels Cake Pressure Chief
Such Great Heights The Postal Service Give Up
The Electric Co. U2 Boy
Human The Killers Day & Age
Circle Of Life Various Artists The Lion King

In terms of running, here’s a synopsis of what I’ve been doing:

My goal is to run the entire thing with under 8 minutes/mile (about 5 minutes/kilometer) and I think I can actually do it! All that’s left to do is go run! Sunday morning, 8:40am, Belltown, be there.

Update: I created an iMix for iTunes: Run Mix 1


Running a Dash

I signed up on Wednesday to run my distance first race ever1. I’ll be running in Henry Weinhard’s St. Patrick’s Day Dash, a grueling 6.11km race taking place on March 14th in the Queen Anne area of Seattle.

The race starts (3rd and Mercer) and finishes (5th and Harrison) by the Seattle Center and follows this route:

Some other people from Convergence are also going to be running it, including JoEllen, who I went to Haiti with and who sent out the original email, and Robert, and maybe Rebecca? Dad is also running it, which should be fun.

With only a little more than four weeks to go, I thought I’d better start practicing now (cramming doesn’t work as well with races). I devised an aggressive, but hopefully achievable plan for training.

Week Thursday Sunday Tuesday
Week 1 5/1 x 4 7/1 x 3 10/1 x 3
Week 2 12/1 x 2 15/1 x 2 17/1 + 12
Week 3 20/1 + 10 22/1 + 5 25/1 + 5
Week 4 27 30 35

5/1 x 4: Run five minutes, then walk one minute; repeat four times
17/1 + 12: Run 17 minutes, then walk one minute, then run 12 minutes
27: Run 27 minutes

I broke out my Nike + iPod Sports Kit and set out on the first day of training:

I think one of my biggest problems right now is keeping a consistent pace. Based on how I ran, my goal is to run about a 5 minute kilometer (about an 8 minute mile). In order to keep pace, I determined that I need to take 167 steps per a minute2. I already have many the estimated BPM data for many of my songs in iTunes. Thus, for Sunday’s run, I’m going to try running to songs that are in the 160-170 BPM range and hopefully that will help with consistency.

  1. I ran 330m hurdles in high school a couple of times junior year…seven years ago 

  2. http://www.benson.com.au/default.asp?contentID=665