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List of States by number of Professional Engineers per Capita

Apparently no one has created this list yet, so I compiled the data for the number of Professional Engineers per capita by state. Wyoming, the state with the smallest population, has the most number of Professional Engineers per capita while New York has the least.

Colorado is 17th and Washington is 18th, furthering my theory that the two states are somehow linked to each other.



State Population Total PE PE per 1000
Wyoming 576412 6091 10.57
Delaware 917092 7300 7.96
North Dakota 699628 5073 7.25
Alaska 731449 4632 6.33
Vermont 626011 3739 5.97
New Hampshire 1320718 6374 4.83
Maine 1329192 6200 4.66
Idaho 1595728 7300 4.57
Hawaii 1392313 6123 4.40
South Dakota 833354 3585 4.30
West Virginia 1855413 7828 4.22
Kansas 2885905 11835 4.10
Nebraska 1855525 7262 3.91
Rhode Island 1050292 3987 3.80
Oregon 3899353 14744 3.78
Nevada 2758931 10163 3.68
Colorado 5187582 18661 3.60
Washington 6897012 24678 3.58
Louisiana 4601893 16000 3.48
New Mexico 2085538 7140 3.42
Mississippi 2984926 9701 3.25
Virginia 8185867 26598 3.25
Utah 2855287 9118 3.19
South Carolina 4723723 15000 3.18
Maryland 5884563 18655 3.17
Alabama1 4822023 14567 3.02
Missouri 6021988 17501 2.91
Iowa 3074186 8500 2.76
Kentucky 4380415 12043 2.75
Arkansas 2949131 8072 2.74
Oklahoma 3814820 10000 2.62
Arizona 6553255 17136 2.61
North Carolina 9752073 23099 2.37
California 38041430 90000 2.37
Tennessee 6456243 15171 2.35
Massachusetts 6646144 15588 2.35
Connecticut 3590347 8200 2.28
Ohio 11544225 26071 2.26
Michigan 9883360 21564 2.18
Pennsylvania 12763536 27839 2.18
Texas 26059203 56000 2.15
New Jersey 8864590 19000 2.14
Minnesota 5379139 11440 2.13
Georgia 9919945 19997 2.02
Florida 19317568 38750 2.01
Montana 1005141 1900 1.89
Indiana 6537334 11362 1.74
Wisconsin 5726398 8905 1.56
Illinois 12875255 19708 1.53
New York 19570261 27218 1.39


P.S. I successfully passed the Law & Ethics Exam part of the Washington State Professional Engineering licensing process. It’s interesting because it’s an open book exam with links to the applicable RCW and WAC, so really more of a class under the guise of an exam.

  1. includes retired and inactive status 

25 Random Things About Me

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.

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  1. I’m an introvert.
  2. I want to go into space (and visit the Moon, specifically), but probably won’t get the chance.
  3. I plan on getting my EMT.
  4. I plan on getting my pilots license.
  5. I plan on getting a masters degree (although I don’t know in what).
  6. I plan on getting my professional engineers license.
  7. My blood type is O+
  8. I have a website:
  9. I’ve been consistently blogging since 2003 (2099 posts and counting).
  10. I listen to NPR podcasts when I go to bed (Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me; This American Life; Radio Lab; Car Talk).
  11. My goal is see every single Star Trek TV show and movie, in order, before I graduate college.
  12. So far, I’ve watched 661 Star Trek episodes and movies, I have 116 left.
  13. I enjoy programming, especially in PHP.
  14. I enjoy taking photographs and I want to expand.
  15. I’m thinking about going on a mission trip this summer.
  16. I’ll be working in Seattle for Boeing after I graduate.
  17. Out of all five of the years I’ve been in college, I serously think this year has been my favorite.
  18. I think it’s been my favorite because of the amazing community I found at MERGE and The Annex.
  19. I’m worried about going back to Seattle.
  20. I used to drink rediculous amounts of Dr Pepper. Now I try to limit myself.
  21. I have been diagnosed with generalized anxiety.
  22. I used to have lots of panic attacks in school, all the way into high school. I do pretty well now.
  23. I turn 23 on Saturday.
  24. I share the exact same birthday as my mom…only 30 years later.
  25. I think it’s harder to be a Christian and an American than it is to be a Christian and a scientist. I struggle every day.
  26. I can’t put my contacts in using two hands, I have to do it with one hand. I blame my dad for this.

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Five in Five

As my official time as student nears its end, I’ve been thinking about how I want continue my life.
Of course, I will be working after I graduate. However, It’s hard for me to imagine a time when I didn’t have school, save those fleeting moments during the summer.

Over the last few semesters, I’ve grown to appreciate knowledge and the process of acquiring it. And I don’t think I’m ready to stop yet. I hope I’m never ready to stop learning.

Thus, I’m launching a new project: Five in Five – Five things I want to do in the five years after I graduate. I’ll admit, the list is pretty aggressive, but I think it’s doable.

However, the keyword here is “want.” I want to complete these things because I think they are interesting and I feel they will be useful. That being said, I’m not sure if I will be able to complete it all within five years and, even then, I’m not even sure if I want to complete all things I’ve laid out.

I’ve ordered the list is roughly the order I plan to complete them in:

  1. Travel the World
  2. Pilot’s license
  3. Certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
  4. Masters Degree
  5. Professional Engineer

As always, keep it tuned here for all the fun. Soon, I’ll be doing a lot of talking, asking, and planning about the first part of my Five in Five: Traveling the World.