Postcrossing to the Netherlands

I sent another batch of Postcrossing postcards out in the mail last Friday and the first one has arrived in the Netherlands!

Thamar wrote back:


Tanx for your great card! Are you such a good photographer or was it just luck? 🙂 Very nice idea, to get your own postcard from a picture you made. If you ever come to the Netherlands, you’ll be able to make the best photo’s!

Happy postcrossing,


Thamar-US-177508 (by Mr Ferguson)


Postcrossing to France

My second postcard sent via Postcrossing has been received in France today.

Masha wrote back:

hello andrew!!! how are you??

thanks a lot for your beautiful card!! it’s so pretty!!! and you’re take this pic! very talented!!))

Time send out a couple more cards!



Postcrossing to Finland

Photojojo had a post on cool website called Postcrossing:

Pretend you’re eight years old for a second. Now pretend you just got a photo in the mail from your new buddy in Finland.

Fantastic, right? Best mail ever!

Now here’s the secret: it’s still that much fun to get photos from around the world. And it’s super easy thanks to Postcrossing: send a postcard to somebody, and somebody sends you a postcard back.

So I signed up, had some custom made postcards printed by Moo and away I went.

Here’s my first card that I sent last Thursday:
... (by Mr Ferguson)

Milla received the post card today:

Hello Andrew,
thank you for the card. I hope that you have a lot of fun with postcrossing!

Sweet deal. I have 18 more postcards left before I have to order another batch, so expect more updates.