physical therapy

Starting Physical Therapy

I started physical therapy for my hand yesterday. I’ll be going twice a week for four weeks. I’m working with Jamie who is a wonderful physical therapist at Select Physical Therapy. She’s not entirely sure what the problem is, but she’s going to treat it as a radial nerve problem and that seems to be working. My hand felt better after Monday’s PT, so I look forward to tomorrow’s session. She also gave me a couple of exercises to complete at home, so I’m doing those as well.

Henry Gray’s Anatomy of the Human Body:

Caption: Back of right upper extremity, showing surface markings for bones and nerves.

Caption: Front of right upper extremity, showing surface markings for bones, arteries, and nerves.


Numb Hand: Update

I got a call back from the Neurologist yesterday and insurance has denied the request for a MRI. Instead, they would like me to get four weeks of physical therapy first.

I’m not sure where I’ll find the time to fit PT in, my schedule/life is pretty full at the moment.