noise ordinance

Not That I Mind…It’s Just *Slightly* Hypocritical

My neighbor is vacuuming right now. Yup, 12:03am and my neighbor decides to break out the vacuum downstairs. And yes, it’s the same neighbor who wrote a note a few weeks back.

On that note, I happened to be looking through The Golden Informer, the Official City of Golden Newsletter. In a section titled Code Q&A, someone asks:

Does the City have a noise ordinance and what does it say?


The City of Golden has several ordinances addressing noise in the city. The most common section of the Municipal Code used by the police department is #8.04-310: Disturbing the peace prohibited.

This is what my research from before turned up as well. Spiffy.

P.S. She’s still vacuuming. It’s now 12:12. Ridiculous.

Fixed title to “Hypocritical”