In Which I Suddenly Find Myself a JPMorgan Chase Member

Call it the ultimate NCAA March Madness Bracket. Although it isn’t March, it’s not run by the NCAA, and there’s more at stake than the $20 you threw in your friends pool.

Last week, I suddenly found myself a member of JPMorgan Chase…Washington Mutual having been sold to them for $1.9 billion.

Looks like I lost my bracket.

via TechCrunch

College Humor’s America’s Hottest College Girl

If you are somewhat frequent viewer of (usually stop by once a day or so), you should have no doubt seen the America’s Hottest College Girl 2005 Contest. It’s based on a bracket system, just like NCAA Basketball. So I was thinking, why not take picks to see which girl is going to win each match. I’ve made my picks:

Make your picks in the comments, I’ll see if I can make a sheet that you can print out.