Catch Me If You Can

I went to see Catch Me If You Can on Thursday with a friend from school, Kate Reinking, who was in Seattle for part of this week. I have to say, it was a pretty amazing musical.

First things first though; if you are even thinking about seeing it, you need to go right now. Stop reading this blog and get your tickets ASAP because it closes on Sunday…which is in just over 24 hours.

No really…get your tickets now.

The cast is amazing, especially Norbert Leo Butz as Carl Hanratty (see video clip below – RSS/email readers may need to click through to see the video).

Also quite outstanding are Aaron Tveit as Frank Abagnale, Jr. and Kerry Butler as Brenda Strong. This is not to say that everyone else sucks, quite the contrary, it’s a stellar cast that is downright fantastic.

The show is a bit on the meta side, acknowledging the orchestra, the set, and the crowd at various points. I’m not usually a fan of such meta realizations, but it works pretty effectively in this case.

I do have one question though, is FBI Agent Johnny Dollar (played by Brandon Wardell) a nod to freelance insurance investigator Johnny Dollar?

Also, now that I’m back in Seattle, one thing I would like to do more is catch more of local theater scene – Seattle has had some pretty amazing musical come here before they hit Broadway. So if anyone wants to go…let me know. And really, I’d go to Mariner games, and Sounders FC games, and perhaps even Seahawk games. I guess it’s really just the Seattle cultural scene that I’d like to enjoy now that I’m actually here.

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A Really Short Review of Avenue Q

First, a little bit of background: Some time ago, I was shown a video of World of Warcraft players “lipsyncing” to a song called “The Internet is For Porn.” Pretty much ever since, I’ve wanted to see the show. I was hoping to see it a few years ago when I was in Las Vegas, however I never got around to it. Fast forward to now, school is selling discounted tickets and I manage to snag the last two.

Wow, what an amazing musical. I would describe Avenue Q as Sesame Street rated R. And I think that’s a pretty accurate statement. The puppets are all designed by Rick Lyon, who has over 25 years of experience and used to work with the late Jim Henson. There are also several interludes which are highly comical…trust me.

In short, Avenue Q is what you get when people who watched Sesame Street as a kid grow up and are allowed to produce musicals; which is not a bad thing, mind you, it’s a great thing.

Having said how great it is, though, I must remind you that it is a rated “R” show. And despite the fact that show is about puppets, the kiddies should not be in attendance. Really.

But you should go and see it and I highly recommend it.

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Chorus: Well it’s been a long, been a long, been a long, been a long day!

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Whew! What a weekend. On Saturday I had the pleasure of waking up at 7am in the morning to film my latest movie, Orion. It’s actually a music video and it’s going to be awesome. Anyways, I filmed until about 5 and then I had to run up to Lynnwood to drop of some equipment. This, and traffic, unfortunately, caused be to be late to the closing night of my musical. I did arrive before the curtain went up, but not before causing mass panic and some chaos.

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying was a smashing success, to say the least. Quinn remarked, “Quality. It’s worth seeing if you didn’t see it tonight. Lots of good acting and overall a good production. It’s long, but not boring.” Duane remarked that he was “impressed with the high school production.  Better than the drama program was in my high school.” The play was rather long, running in just under three hours. I also cannot give enough praise to the entire cast. Being someone who likes to do whatever I activity I’m engaged in to the best of my ability, I’m often in the company of persons who don’t share that same feeling. This was not the case for this musical. Everybody had something very important invested in this production and everybody wanted the production to succeed…no pun intended. But I digress. Closing night was wonderful. We had a great cast party and later went to IHOP for about an hour. I got back home at 12:30ish and watched some Star Trek until 3am. Gotta’ love the Trek!

On Sunday, I had the esteemed pleasure to give the focus at The Edge. This story actually goes back to Tuesday night. I came home from Dress Rehearsal at about 10 and shortly after I walked in the door, Jeff Towne called me up and asked me to do the focus. I was pretty ecstatic at the time, although I’m not sure if I conveyed that adequately over the phone. Back to Sunday though. I woke up at 1pm and worked on my focus for the rest of the afternoon pretty much.

Monday was a pretty non-eventful.

That brings me to today. I woke up this morning at 6 to help out at the Cascade Land Conservancy. The CLC was having their annual awards banquet at the Westin Hotel in Downtown Seattle and they needed some AV help. I was more than happy to oblige, especially if it meant free food…which it did. Always a sucker for free food. Alec Turnbull was there as well as Nora Johnson. Nora is actually interning CLC for her Senior Project. Alec is interning at a travel agency somewhere Downtown. If you didn’t know, I’m interning at the UW. I should make a Senior Intern page sometime.

The event lasted until about 9am. In addition to breakfast, I also received a bag of coffee from Starbucks, a CLC hat, and, my personal favorite, a name tag with my name on it. The latter part of the morning was filled with more working graduation announcements. This afternoon I went to the Maxillofacialist. For those of you who don’t know what a Maxillofacialist is, they’re the ones responsible for pulling wisdom teeth. Fun stuff. I’m tentatively scscheduled to have surgery on June 10th at 9am.

Daniel Busyhead wanted me to mention him, so now I am. That also reminds me about this so called “Backwards day.” It’s the one where you give an answer to someone they don’t like and then they say, “But today is backwards day so everything you say is just the opposite.” Well, I have news for you. Backwards day cannot logically exist. If one claims that it is backwards day, and it were truly backwards day, that claiming that it was backwards day actually means that it’s not backwards day. If that doesn’t make any sense…well…it shouldn’t make any sense really.

And finally, for those who are wondering what the hell the title of this blog means; it’s a line from one of the songs in How to.


Senior Project: Day 9 & 10 / Lights, Curtain, Action!

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I went into the UW on Saturday after rehersals to work on R2 for a few hours. When I got there, Andy and David were outside playing it. Unfortunatly, just before I had arrived, one of the power relays fried and had to be replaced. I replaced the relay and then called it a day.

Today I’ve been working on finishing up the final safety relays. The next task will be to supply 12volts to the GPS unit. And then hopefully I can start writting code tomorrow.

We start our short four day run of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying today. The show runs the next four days @ 7pm. Tickets for today and tomorrow are not quite sold out yet, so there is still time to come!!


Cinco de Mayo already? / Senior Project: Day 6

*Sigh*, it’s the 5th of May and the year is getting close to be half over…but it feels like it just started. I had a dentist appointment today. Teeth look nice and clean, no cavities; but the wisdom teeth gotta go! So I’m going to schedule an appointment and get that taken care of. How to continues and we started Tech Rehearsals today. ONLY ONE WEEK ‘TILL OPENING NIGHT!! I would highly suggest you get tickets now as seats fill up fast in our small theater. I hope to have pictures from rehearsals up soon!

The Senior Project continues. R2 is getting closer to running status. I finished with the CPU box and began installing some safety cutoff buttons. I also have to create and install some safety restraints/cutoff ropes. I hope to have pictures of my project up soon as well.