Mónica Guzmán

Ditching the Resume

“If résumés are a bunch of claims, badges are a bunch of evidence.”

We need this. School is so often knowledge based that it’s incredibly tough to hire engineers who actually can do things. Badges could help solve this.


Thoughts on the P-I’s Closing

After the Rocky Mountain News closed shop a couple weeks ago, I knew it was only a matter of time before the P-I followed. However, I didn’t expect the P-I to remain with an online-only staff.

But you know what, I’m excited to see what they do. I had the chance to meet Mónica Guzmán (@moniguzman) a couple of months ago. Guzmán is the PI’s first full time online-only reporter (which I read as: first full-time blogger) as the main contributer to The Big Blog. I’ll be honest that I haven’t been following the her blog very much (I have about 175 others that I’m following and I’m trying to cut back), but I think now that the P-I is switching to an online-only format that I will start following TBB.

I think people like Guzmán are the future of what newspapers were.

Jason Preston agrees that the P-I could be on to something:
From eatsleeppublish.com:

It looks to me like Hearst is taking a very smart approach to their first online-only big-city daily. This from Michelle Nicolosi, currently Executive Producer at the Seattle P-I:

We don’t have reporters, editors or producers–everyone will do and be everything: Everyone will write, edit, take photos and shoot video, produce multimedia and curate the home page. That’ll be a training challenge for everyone, but we’re all up for the challenge and totally ready to pick up all these skills.

I think this will prove that newspapers can make the jump, if they try.

Finally, I just wanted to point out how cool David Horsey‘s final editorial carton was:

© 2009 Seattle PI

© 2009 Seattle P-I

Note the eagle, which is usually perched on top of the globe.

Anyway, I’m really excited to see what the P-I does now and that concludes my thoughts.