My Ticket Out: Undergraduate Application to Graduate

I’ve completed more then 90 credit hours and thus I’ve reached the point at my time at Mines when I can submit my Undergraduate Application to Graduate. It’s actually a pretty simple form. Two sides. Takes less then five minutes to fill out. I envisioned it being a climactic event with my paperwork undergoing rigorous scrutiny.

It wasn’t.

The registrar asked how she could help.
I said that I was turning in my Undergraduate Application to Graduate.
I handed my form over and she quickly looked at both sides, proclaimed that it looked complete and stamped it with her giant “Paperwork Received” stamp.

I hope the actual graduation ceremony is more exciting than this.

What To Do?

From time to time, I like to take a look at my referrers. You know, see who’s linking in and what their saying. I found this today:


Oh, and kids who sit in class on their laptop searching the internet. If you’re not going to pay attention, don’t go to class. There’s a little d-bag that sits in front of my during my Info. Systems class and does nothing but update his website, and never pays attention. Get the hell out of class.

You have to scroll down a little ways to get to the actual post.

I did a little bit of research to find out that my name caller is Hank Mowry. I have no idea who he is and I don’t think I’ve ever met him. All I really know is that he goes to Mines, is in my Info System class, and believes that I’m a douche bag (I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean dirt bag).

You’re right, I am on my computer. I’m sorry that I don’t pay enough attention to class for your needs. However, I pay enough attention for my needs and to do well in the class. I’m not sure why you believe I need to “Get the hell out of class”, seeing as I’m not disturbing you.

In any event, I really don’t care all that much. I’m mostly curious as to what you think I should do? I’m fine with dropping the issue (it’s dropped in my mind), but part of me wants to friend him or message him or poke him on Facebook: just to see what he’d do. Maybe he’ll even find this post!

Boston: Day Zero

Fall break has come (and now gone) and I elected a rather long time ago to spend my four wonderful days of in Boston (or as I like to call it, Bah-ston).

The previous week had been a shit week, which I think is the typical feeling on Friday for many Miners. I hadn’t been feeling well as of late Thursday night and I now had a paint in my lower left ribcage that was coming and going throughout the day. To compound things, several exams had reared their ugly heads that I would need to spend a portion of my vacation studying for.

Feeling rather anxious (in a bad way), I packed my carry on with all the reference material I might need to study and Mom dropped me off at the airport just a little past 10:30pm.

Day 0: 11:35pm to 6:30am
jetBlue has a wonderful red eye flight at that takes off from Denver at 11:35pm local and lands in Boston at 5:15am local. Just enough time to get about three hours of sleep.

I was only able to get about an hour of sleep before arriving. I gathered my things, let Jeff know that I had landed, and starting walking toward the arrival area.

Perhaps the fun part about being up so early is that you can see all shops opening. I don’t why I like the feeling, but it feels good and exciting to see places opening for business…especially early in the morning. I feel part of the city at that point I guess.

There was also a man sleeping in a wheelchair. I couldn’t figure out if he was homeless or not…I should have taken a picture, but I didn’t.

Jeff and Tim picked me up (using James’ van). We made a stop at Dunkin’ Donuts for some bagels, cream cheese, and a bag of coffee to be made later, then proceeded to the dorm unit to catch some more shuteye.

Photo copyright © by legge_e_mare, used under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 Generic