25 Random Things About Me

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  1. I’m an introvert.
  2. I want to go into space (and visit the Moon, specifically), but probably won’t get the chance.
  3. I plan on getting my EMT.
  4. I plan on getting my pilots license.
  5. I plan on getting a masters degree (although I don’t know in what).
  6. I plan on getting my professional engineers license.
  7. My blood type is O+
  8. I have a website:
  9. I’ve been consistently blogging since 2003 (2099 posts and counting).
  10. I listen to NPR podcasts when I go to bed (Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me; This American Life; Radio Lab; Car Talk).
  11. My goal is see every single Star Trek TV show and movie, in order, before I graduate college.
  12. So far, I’ve watched 661 Star Trek episodes and movies, I have 116 left.
  13. I enjoy programming, especially in PHP.
  14. I enjoy taking photographs and I want to expand.
  15. I’m thinking about going on a mission trip this summer.
  16. I’ll be working in Seattle for Boeing after I graduate.
  17. Out of all five of the years I’ve been in college, I serously think this year has been my favorite.
  18. I think it’s been my favorite because of the amazing community I found at MERGE and The Annex.
  19. I’m worried about going back to Seattle.
  20. I used to drink rediculous amounts of Dr Pepper. Now I try to limit myself.
  21. I have been diagnosed with generalized anxiety.
  22. I used to have lots of panic attacks in school, all the way into high school. I do pretty well now.
  23. I turn 23 on Saturday.
  24. I share the exact same birthday as my mom…only 30 years later.
  25. I think it’s harder to be a Christian and an American than it is to be a Christian and a scientist. I struggle every day.
  26. I can’t put my contacts in using two hands, I have to do it with one hand. I blame my dad for this.

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Random Questions


  • Cigarette: Never.
  • Good cry: Last spring, over school sucking.
  • Library book checked out: Naked Conversations
  • Movie seen: Super Troopers
  • Book read: The Restaurant at the End of the Universe
  • Cuss word uttered: “Fuck”. Potentially “shit”.
  • Beverage drank: Glass of water
  • Food consumed: Chocolate cake
  • Phone call: my Mom
  • TV show watched: Family Guy
  • Time showered: Today, around 1pm
  • shoes worn: New Balance
  • CD played: CD?
  • Item bought: Food
  • Downloaded: picture of my cat, Dunstan
  • Annoyance: The lady downstairs
  • Disappointment:
  • Thing written: Economics homework (typed)
  • Key used: a
  • Word spoken: “That’s pretty awesome.”
  • Sleep: 11:45am
  • IM: Laura
  • Ice ream eaten: Coldstone
  • Time hugged: today, my aunt
  • Time scolded: Last week, for being “too loud”
  • Chair sat in: the one I’m sitting in
  • Shirt worn: In-n-Out
  • Time dancing: baseball game on Friday
  • Show attended: Chicago, in London

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