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Comment Stats

TDavid over at Make You Go Hmm has been playing around with mySQL to get stats on his users comments. I also enjoy looking at pretty numbers (always being careful to remember they mean absolutely nothing), so I did some digging in my own comments database.

So here we go:
First up, total posts by year:

The blue line is all comments. The red line is all comments minus the ones from the WordPress plugin related pages, which are typically help related. While this year isn’t over yet, I highly doubt I’ll get to 2007 or even 2006 levels of comments.

Top ten commenters of all time are

  1. Andrew Ferguson (595)
  2. quinn (108)
  3. staples.jeff (107)
  4. Audrey (69)
  5. Matt Matteson (43)
  6. Peter (42)
  7. CrazyBarbour (40)
  8. laura (34)
  9. Amelie (23)
  10. Ryan “Artoo” Goodwin (19)

I was going to post the leader board for each individual year, however people changed their emails and the way they entered their names in the comment fields and I really don’t want to fix all of them to get accurate results.

I’m kind of stumped as to why 2006 was such a good year for commenting. Interestingly enough, this year has seen more comments per a post, which I think is good. Thoughts?


Portfolio Inductions

I’ve added nine more photos to my portfolio:

Left Wings (by Mr Ferguson)
Left Wings
Note: This is one image, not two

â„–s: 483 & 984: Chuck Batchelder & Kathleen Holland (by Mr Ferguson)
â„–s: 483 & 984: Chuck Batchelder & Kathleen Holland

#483: Chuck Batchelder (by Mr Ferguson)
#483: Chuck Batchelder

Ryan's Skating Vans (by Mr Ferguson)
Ryan’s Skating Vans

Seattle From Alki (by Mr Ferguson)
Seattle From Alki

Solo Red Car (by Mr Ferguson)
Solo Red Car

Untitled Laura (by Mr Ferguson)
Untitled Laura

Untitled Laura (by Mr Ferguson)
Untitled Laura

Untitled Laura (by Mr Ferguson)
Untitled Laura


Speak of the Devil

I love learning new things, especially things that don’t concern what I’m studying…because I get to learn about that all day. The other day, I learned more about the phrase speak of the devil.” I had called Laura, she answers and says, “Speak of the Devil.” We had a short conversation over that and I learned that the full phrase is, “Speak of the Devil and the Devil shall appear.”

Honestly, that makes a whole lot of sense. It also makes me feel a little bit better when someone says that to me.

Here’s more background:

The phrase is old and appears in various Latin and Old English texts from the 16th century. The Italian writer Giovanni Torriano has the first recorded version in contemporary English, in ‘Piazza Universale’, 1666:

“The English say, Talk of the Devil, and he’s presently at your elbow.”


Random Questions


  • Cigarette: Never.
  • Good cry: Last spring, over school sucking.
  • Library book checked out: Naked Conversations
  • Movie seen: Super Troopers
  • Book read: The Restaurant at the End of the Universe
  • Cuss word uttered: “Fuck”. Potentially “shit”.
  • Beverage drank: Glass of water
  • Food consumed: Chocolate cake
  • Phone call: my Mom
  • TV show watched: Family Guy
  • Time showered: Today, around 1pm
  • shoes worn: New Balance
  • CD played: CD?
  • Item bought: Food
  • Downloaded: picture of my cat, Dunstan
  • Annoyance: The lady downstairs
  • Disappointment:
  • Thing written: Economics homework (typed)
  • Key used: a
  • Word spoken: “That’s pretty awesome.”
  • Sleep: 11:45am
  • IM: Laura
  • Ice ream eaten: Coldstone
  • Time hugged: today, my aunt
  • Time scolded: Last week, for being “too loud”
  • Chair sat in: the one I’m sitting in
  • Shirt worn: In-n-Out
  • Time dancing: baseball game on Friday
  • Show attended: Chicago, in London

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(No Title)

Everything is just so…so….busy? Complicated? Shitty? Boeing is fine, and it’s not that. I mean, it has its high points and low points like everything does and it wouldn’t be fair to judge it based on its high or low points exclusively. But there isn’t enough time in the day to do everything I want and so many people crave my attention and so many things need to get done. Time…pretty much sucks right now. I wish I had more of it.

I wish I had more time so I could hang out with Laura more. I wish I could have more time so that I could play more games of Settlers. I wish I had more time so that I could go the Mariners game tomorrow. But I don’t. I have to pick and choose and I don’t like that.

I don’t like having to turn people away and at a time in my life where I’m trying to affect change, it’s hard when I don’t feel like I have the time to do that.