Laura Gronewald

The Last to Turn 21

Jeff Hanway did the whole 21 thing a week ago Monday. Last Friday, we (Peter Walchenbach, Quinn McGinnis, Ben Andersen, Duane Mullen, and myself) rolled down to T-Town (i.e. Tacoma) for his official BBQ Birthday.

Hamburgers, beer, and a cigar. Pretty much the American dream right there folks.

After some Frisbee disc throwing time, we headed off to The Spar, Tacoma’s oldest saloon, located in the heart of Old Town (that’s from their website). Actually, I have to say that I loved the smell of sea air as we approached the bar saloon.

Me and Jeff somehow managed to wear matching clothes.


Bonus Points: Laura Gronewald was there. Who is she? On of my leaders from UPC Evening Sunday School.

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