Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer Exploit. Update Now.

There’s a very super serious absolutely critical patch for Internet Explorer that you need to download right away. I usually (never?) blog about this type of thing, but this exploit is a rather serious exploit (they disabled Internet Explorer on all of our campus computers, which they’ve never done before). Anyway, Microsoft issued a patch today and I’m pleading with you to go and download it:\

Alternatively, you may consider downloading and using:
Mozilla Firefox:
Google Chrome:

If you already use Firefox or Chrome, you still should install the patch, just in case.

If you’re using a Mac, you’re okay and don’t need to do anything.



Windows 3.11

In my attempts to procrastinate homework, I decided to relive some childhood memories and install Window 3.11. I’d forgotten how much of a pain in the ass it was to install it.

First, you need a boot disk. This is actually pretty easy to get, just head over to and pick the one you need. Then you need to fdisk and then format c:. These are the two critical steps that I always seem to forget, even Back in the Day™ when Windows 3.11 is what I actually used.

After that, it’s pretty easy. Pop in the MS-DOS disks and install that, then pop in Windows 3.11 disks and install that.

What amazes me is how fast it starts up. Including the BIOS, it takes 9.46 seconds to get into Windows. 9.46 seconds!!!

I’m going to try to get networking and Internet Explorer setup and installed…could be interesting.

For those who care, I’m doing this all in Virtual PC 2007.


All Better Now

Every once in a while, I get fed up with my own CMS (content managment system) and seriously consider switching to Movable Type or something like that. I even get so far as to install the software on my server and start to dabble with it. Then I remember why I use my own CMS: I can do so many more things. Yet, I’m still frustrated with my own system. So I think I found a solution. I’m using the layout format and Stylesheets from Movable Type but then populating the page with content from my own CMS. So I did it (and now you’re seeing it). AFdN v 8.3 codename Rainier II. And I’m loving it. Everything is working so much better and the best part is, text properly floats around the pictures in my blog! This means that AFdN works in MSIE and really well in Firefox. Woo Hoo!