The New iPhone

Apple has, yet again, released a new iPhone. To no ones surprise, it looks strikingly similar to one that Gizmodo managed to acquire under dubious circumstances, at best, a few months ago. I’m currently oogling how small it is:

Photo by Dean Putney. Released under Creative Commons:

My droid comes in a 14mm thick versus the iPhone 4G 9.4mm1, almost a 33% reduction in thickness…that’s notable. Even compared to the iPhone 3G, which measures 12.3mm thick, it’s about a 24% reduction.

The Apple A4 also makes an appearance in the updated iPhone, which I think is interesting given Apple’s history with Motorola and now Intel. Could they be looking to dump Intel and produce there own CPUs?

Photo by Dean Putney. Released under Creative Commons:

Apparently, I’ve also been going about dating wrong:

Photo by Dean Putney. Released under Creative Commons:

  1. if you are to believe the Gizmodo measurements 

Daedalus: My New Tablet

As I mentioned last month, I was looking at getting a new Tablet. Well, I ordered it a couple weeks ago and it is now safely in my arms!

Daedalus is a Toshiba M700 Portege and I purchased it as originally spec’d: 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo with Intel Turbo Memory; 2GB RAM on a single DIMM; 120GB 7200RPM hard drive; Windows Vista Ultimate.

Some thoughts:

  • Even with the removable disc drive in, the machine is light and feels light.
  • The volume dial is a digital control that just freely spins. Thus, there isn’t a physical point that is the minimum or maximum volume.
  • The screen needs to be perpendicular to the keyboard in order to turn.
  • When I’m typing, I sometimes accidentally tap the touch pad which moves my cursor. There is a setting buried several layers in which allows you to disable tapping while typing.
  • The Windows key moved from the upper right-hand corner (on the M200) to the lower left-hand corner (in the M700).
  • There is not a physical latch for the screen.
  • The USB placements seem odd, but acceptable.
  • The screen resolution is crisp and I like it better then the previous resolution.
  • You can save about 10% by paying with a Visa credit card.

Paradigm Shifts

“Paradigm shifts are for people too stupid to spot trends.”

In addition to being funny, the quote makes a good point. A paradigm shift is just a major change in the way things work. An example might be Apple switching from the Power PC chip to the Intel chip. However, if you looked close enough Apple was probably dropping hints the entire time about wanting to leave IBM and go to Intel. Thus, most people viewed the switch as a paradigm shift. Whereas it was really a trend.

Quote via Warner Crocker’s Life on the Wicker Stage: Act 2 via James Governor’s MonkChips

Updated to correct MonkChips link. Moved from “My Life” to “Seen, Heard, Said”