Your Prerogative

If you follow politics at all, you know that the DNC was just here in Denver. I managed to avoid most of the hoopla, expect when the English division of Al Jazeera decided to come to Golden. I’m really not quite sure what to say about this:


The city manager of Golden, Colo., [Mike Bestor] has decided to withdraw his invitation to let the Al-Jazeera news network broadcast from a barbecue in his backyard on the final night of the Democratic National Convention.
Bestor made his decision after a City Council meeting Thursday at which residents complained the event with the English-language service of the Middle East news network would be disrespectful to veterans and active U.S. soldiers.

While Bestor is well within his rights to rescind his offer to Al Jazeera English, I think it was incredibly foolish to do so. Especially while hiding behind the asinine idea that it would be disrespectful to veterans and current U.S. soldiers. Government officials, which Bestor is, should hold themselves to a higher standard and should lead by example, not by pressure.


Pushing Back Departure

For all those interested, I don’t think I’ll be leaving Golden until Sunday morning. It just seems so abrupt to leave tomorrow morning.

Heck, I haven’t even started packing yet.

Pushing back my leave date will allow some more time to clean and pack and have some hangout time with friends before I leave.


Red October Repairs: Conclusion

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When I left off, I had an appointment to get Red October serviced at Merrill Axle & Wheel.

Mom happened to be in town, so she was able to come with me to play chauffeur. This made things easier and cheap.

Unfortunately, this turned out to be the only cheap thing about my alignment.

When I initially took my car in to Mobile Mechanics, I was holding my breath for the dreaded news. Something along the lines of “you’re entire left wheel is SOL and needs to be replaced.” When he said I just needed a simple alignment, I was pretty happy; however, I still kept some of my reservations.

So off to Merrill Axle & Wheel. I have an appointment first thing Thursday morning. About at hour later, I get a call. To soon to be done, this can’t be good. They’re going to need to replace the steering knuckle, strut and mount assembly. Total damage: a bit over $900. Egad!

However, I can’t say enough good things about Merrill Axle & Wheel. The mechanic talked me through the entire thing and walked me though all my options. He was very informative and at no point did I think he was pulling the wool over my eyes. The mechanic at Mobile Mechanics recommended them to me and I cross checked that with Car Talk, so you know they’re good.

P.S. Funny story about why I finally got around to posting this. Someone called me up and said, “You’re going to think this is weird, but I found your blog….” Long story short, she was looking for a recommendation on a place to get her wheels aligned. You can probably guess where I sent her.