The Day The Music Died

Yahoo! is shutting down GeoCities today. A little known fact is that I used to have a web presence on GeoCities. In fact, it’s still there! I’ve checked back a couple times a year to see if it was still up and running it, and it always was.

Starbase 1561 was the place I used to call home before I started hosting my website on my own server. Today, though, will be our last day to actually view it in it’s native habitat2.

While you’re at it, you might want to check out XKCD’s front page, an awesome homage to my middle school and high school coding days3:

  1. Last updated 05/30/01 12:19 PM Pacific Daylight Time 

  2. I made an archival copy a couple of years ago 

  3. Well, not mine exclusively…but you get the idea