Fall 2008

Be Back Soon

In case it wasn’t obvious, I’m done with the Fall 2008 semester. Final grades will be posted to Blackboard on Tuesday (I think).

Graduation is tomorrow (Friday) and I’ll be going to that and then some graduation parties. I’m thinking about skiing on Saturday morning and then I head down to Colorado Springs to see a couple of my cousins dance in the Nutcracker.

I’ll pack on Sunday morning, head to church and Old Chicago’s in the evening, and the retire for the night.

I’ll be leaving first thing Monday morning, back in Seattle by Tuesday evening.


General Outline for the Next Four Months

I decided not to pursue working in Houston this summer for a variety of reason. Mostly, I don’t think it’s the right time yet and I think I end up having a better hand by staying in Seattle.

In any event, here’s a brief outline of the next four months:

  • May 1st: Last day of Spring 2008 class
  • May 7th: Last final of Spring 2008
  • May 12th: Summer Field Session Begins
  • May 30th: Summer Field Session Ends
  • June 6th: Start Boeing Internship in Seattle (really Kent, though)
  • August 2nd-3rd: NERDS @ the 2008 NASA Centennial Challenge at San Louis Obispo, California
  • August 7th: End Boeing Internship in Seattle (but actually Kent)
  • August 19th: Fall 2008 Classes begin