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  1. Holy Trinity Brompton

    I originally typed most of this up about two years ago. I never finished it and it’s been sitting in my draft posts ever since.

    One of my good friends, Liz, is studying abroad in London this semester and mentioned that she was going to go check…

  2. Zürich Airport

    I’m at Zürich airport right now. My flight takes off in about an hour. I fly to Frankfurt on Air Berlin and then switch to United and fly to Dulles, Washington, D.C.

    I go through customs at Dulles and then hop back on United and fly to Denver …

  3. Last Day in Europe

    Well, today is my last day in Europe. I decided to take it easy. I’ve spent most of today catching up on all the writing I’ve been wanting to do, but have never had the time or haven’t felt motivated to do.

    I finished writing about Italy:


  4. Swiss Mountain Tour

    Remo took us on a tour of Switzerland today. Well part of it at least. We saw St. Gallen, a mummy (yes, a mummy) at a really old library in St. Gallen who’s name is escaping me at the moment, the famous Swiss Mountains, picked up Günther, then d…

  5. New English

    Heh. Duane sent this to me. It’s rather appropriate given that I’m currently in Europe right now.

    The European Commission has just announced an agreement whereby English will be the official language of the European Union rather than German, wh…

  6. Remo and Günther

    About 10 years ago, Remo stayed with us in American for five weeks while he was studying English in a program hosted at Seattle University.

    I was 10, Brian was 7. The year was 1996.

    At the very end of his stay, Remo’s twin brother, Günther,…

  7. Greetings from Agnone

    A really long day today with lots of traveling.

    Took a train from Florence to Rome (1.5 hours)

    Rented a car and then drove to Agnone (3 hours)

    Investigated Agnone, where my mothers, mothers, father was born.

    Learned they make world fam…

  8. Vacation

    There was a reason why our family never took really long vacations: we don’t work well together after only a few days together. That and I’ve been away from everything I know for over a week now. This generally isn’t an issue, but I’ve had nothing…

  9. Random Notes on Italy

    On English
    Italy is the first country that I’ve been to on this trip where English was not the primary language. However, it is interesting to note how many people speak English, both the local Italians and many foreigners who don’t s…