Engineering Circuit Analysis

Final Grades

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Grades for this semester are in. Drum roll please:

Fluid Mechanics: B
Digital Logic: A
Advanced Engineering Math: B
Information Systems: D
Engineering Circuit Analysis: B

GPA for this semester: 2.875
Cumulative GPA: 2.615

This brings me to 94.5 earned hours which officially makes me a senior. Three more semester left.


Circuits Final

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I finished my circuits final on Sunday night at 9:30 pm. There are five problems are on the take home exam and it took me about 9 hours of work to get the entire thing done. That’s almost two hours per a problem. So much so that I decided to document my entire exam here for posterity.

So here it is: My Fall 2007 Engineering Circuit Analysis Take Home Final.

One note I would like to make. The last problem turned out to be very easy since there was an example in the book, almost. In the example, there was an extra resistor (R3) that connected to ground that is not present in the exam. However, I figured that if I put a resistor in there anyway and it’s resistance infinite, it would allow me to use the equations from the book. The Lazy Genius.


Sick and Finals

I’m come down with a rather nasty cold (or something, crossing my fingers for cold though). It’s been really bad today and yesterday, so I’m hoping that I’m reaching the peak of this thing and will be back in full force for next week.

Next week also happens to be the last week of school before finals. Four days of school, Friday off, and then finals on Saturday, Monday and Wednesday.

I think the good news about finals is that two of my classes are going to be 100% take home finals (Digital Logic and Engineering Circuit Analysis). Advanced Engineering Math is also going to have a take home section.



Things have been busy around here of late. This next week will be even harder.

AEM Exam tomorrow, Digital Logic Exam on Friday, Information Systems Exam a week from tomorrow.

I also fly out a week from tomorrow.

Fluids Project due on Thursday. Digital Logic take portion of exam due on Friday.

Fluids homework due Wednesday, Friday, and following Monday. Information Systems homework due Monday and Wednesday. Engineering Circuit Analysis homework due tomorrow and a week from tomorrow.

Then Thanksgiving.