It’s Magic!

On occasion, emails are sent out looking for lost items or reporting found items. I usually just delete them, but this one I felt like sharing; is it just me, or do these two read like some sort of weird magic trick?

Whoever borrowed the cart from [last know location of cart], would you kindly return it ASAP.

Thank you

Four minutes later:

The cart has mysteriously APPEARED…thank you



E-Mail Address Update

Public Service Announcement:
As of May 8th, 2009, I will no longer be using my school email address, If you use this email address, please begin using my personal email address, available on the upper right hand corner of my blog, to send all future correspondence.


Back In Seattle

I’m back in Seattle for break.

I’m waaaay behind on email and RSS feeds, so I’m spending some time catching up on those. But I’m pretty free over break (I do actually have some awesome events I’m going to, but I can fit you in). I’ll be working on some writing stuff if I can get my act together (read as: if my brain will unknot itself).

Drop me a line: email (I read the new ones, I promise), txt, call, facebook, etc.


Receive AFdN Blogs via Email

In watching the way the Web is developing, I’ve noticed that it’s not as important to drive traffic to my site as it is to make those people who come to my site happy. Therefore, you can now subscribe to AFdN via email. Every time I post, you will immediately get an email with the full text of the blog. I hope that this makes it easier for you to stay in contact with me.

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