Copy files from your iPod to your computer

My friend Jason asks:

how can i transfer music off an ipod that isn’t registered to my computer into my itunes?

I know nobody would ever use this to steal music, so don’t. But to get your own music back, I made a video to show you how:


For The Price of a Computer in 1989

This is going to be somewhat unscientific, but here goes.

20MHz Intel 80386 Microprocessor -> Today’s Price ~ $1.56 (3.2GHz Intel P4 @ $250 / 3200 X 20)
2MB RAM -> Today’s Price ~$0.36 (256MB Kingston Value RAM @ $50 / 256 X 2)

The cost of the CPU is roughly 48% of the total cost of the unit (at least it is today). So that leads to a computer worth around $3.25…monitor, keyboard, and mouse not included of course ;-).

From $8499 to $3.25 in just sixteen years. Wow.

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