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College Humor’s America’s Hottest College Girl

If you are somewhat frequent viewer of (usually stop by once a day or so), you should have no doubt seen the America’s Hottest College Girl 2005 Contest. It’s based on a bracket system, just like NCAA Basketball. So I was thinking, why not take picks to see which girl is going to win each match. I’ve made my picks:

Make your picks in the comments, I’ll see if I can make a sheet that you can print out.


And I thought it couldn’t get any better

Some of you may remember an incident a few months back when Jeff Staples went to Tolo. Long story short, a few of us guys got together and completely wrapped his date’s car in pallet wrapping plastic. It took about an hour and we got it all on film. I just happened to have saved a frame from the video in My Pictures folder. I found it a couple weeks back and submitted it to Obviously they liked it Correct link: