Chemistry II

24 Hour Flu

I wasn’t feeling too good yesterday, was on the verge of a cold…or so I thought. My about 11pm, I was feeling like puking (which is not a good feeling). I hit the sack a little before 12 and had the worst sleep in years. By 6am, I was feeling rather hot. I took my temp and it hit 99.1° F, which is hot for me. My normal is 97.8° F, or there abouts. It was frustrating though because my body was fighting me going to bed…I think I was a little delusional (I thought I was Josh Lyman running the Santos/McGarry campaign from The West Wing).

I decided to cancel going to my makeup chem lab, which was frustrating because I need to find another time to make that up now. I ended up sleeping until 8ish and I went into the bathroom, turned the shower on, and sat in the tub and let it fill up. I ended up taking a micro nap in the tub. I’m not quite sure how long it was, but it was long enough for the hot water tank to refill with hot water again. I got out, and went back to bed in my easy chair and slept until a little before 11. When I got up, I was feeling much much better. No temp, a bit of a cough, but I should live to fight another day.


Ugh….Chem II sucks!

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Well, I’m pretty sure I failed my first Chem II test. This of course means that I will now have to do all the homework problems from now on. However, that shouldn’t be an issue because the Homework Help Center is just one floor down and one building over. I don’t even have to go outside!

There is good news though! I’ve done almost all my Calc 1 homework and it actually makes sense! There is a Calc test next week, but I have to say that I am feeling very confident about it.

In other news, Team America: World Police is actually a pretty funny movie, although a bit crass. Worth seeing, but definatly earned it’s “R” rating, which the MPAA said was for

graphic crude and sexual humor, violent images and strong language – all involving puppets.