Canyonlands: Water / Solo

Continuing on from where I left off:

Wednesday Alec woke me up a little early and we, along with some other guys, began the tenuous 10km round trip hike to get water. It took almost 2 hours, but we got the water. Just about everybody tried to clean up a little bit because we were going to see the ladies today. We hiked down .5km or so and met the girls. Two trips were offered, one trip was going west to look at pottery, the other east to see what was out there.

Like I was saying, there were two groups, one wet east and the other west. For whatever reason, all the guys went west and all the girls went east. I suspect it was because the girls went on their day hike the day before and the guys went east. In any event, the guys hike was nice. We hiked about 3km round trip. When we got back, we had about an hour until solo time. Pretty much everybody hung out, panting and lying in the sun until 2pm when solo time began. Solo was 2 hours long. I started recounting the events of my trip then; however, I only managed to write up a few days. I spent the rest of the time:

  1. Watching the clouds move
  2. Watching the sun move
  3. Watching a cessna fly below me
  4. Peeing twice
  5. Eating a candy bar; and
  6. Reflection of the previous days.