Right Hand Drive (Timelapse)

Having never driven on the left, I was actually surprised about how quickly I adapted as well as the things that ultimately tripped me up, roughly in ascending order of frequency:

  • Shifting with my left hand was pretty easy…didn’t have any problems with this.
  • Remembering to keep on the left required some mental concentration, but I only tried to drive on the right side once in the two weeks I was in the UK.
  • There were several times I almost got into the car on the left side.
  • Probably at least once a day I could be found trying to grasp at an imaginary seat belt over left shoulder. It was, of course, over my right shoulder.
  • Constantly expecting the rearview mirror to be in my upper right field-of-vision when it was in my upper-left. This took the entire two weeks to really get ironed out.

$10K for a Car?

Pretend you had up to $10K to spend on a car, which car would you purchase and why? (By which I mean, what should Rachel and I get).


  • Daily driving to work
  • Occasional long-distance (up to 1600 miles round trip)


  • Dual-Climate Control
  • Seat-Warmers


  • Bluetooth integration
  • Toyota, Volkswagen, or Subaru

Ready, Set, Go!


Stolen Plates

Got a friendly knock on my door this morning from the police. Someone stole the plates off my car in the middle of the night. Who does that? Apparently car thieves who needed clean plates for the white Subaru they stole last week.

At least they only took my plates, a trip to the License Plate office and $29.75 gets me new plates. Frustrating, but doable.


A Woman Crammed in The Car

On the way to a dinner party in Redmond, I looked over at the car next to me at a stop light. The woman in the passenger seat was crammed up against the window due to a large package that was slide between her and the driver. She managed to look over at me right before I snapped the picture and was able to cover her face, although I don’t know why:

DSC_1398 (by Mr Ferguson)

The driver, who I presume is the husband, then glanced over at us and gave us bit of an evil stare.


Greetings from Agnone

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Dateline Rome, Italy.

A really long day today with lots of traveling.

Took a train from Florence to Rome (1.5 hours)

Rented a car and then drove to Agnone (3 hours)

Investigated Agnone, where my mothers, mothers, father was born.

Learned they make world famous bells in Agnone

Drove back to Rome (3 hours)

Found hotel (1 hour)


We fly out to Switzerland tomorrow afternoon.