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Electrical Engineering Presentation

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Last semester, I was asked to do a presentation for WEBELOS Scout Badge Day on electrical engineering (go figure). Anyway, I was asked to do it again this semester because apparently I’m one of three electrical engineers on campus who they figure is up to the challenge1.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the 4 hours to spare this weekend so I had to pass on helping out. However, they still want to use my presentation2. I still had it on my computer, so wrote some notes in the presenters comments and I’m releasing it under a CC license.

The target audience is pretty young, so I skipped over all the words (at least as much as I could) and went straight to pictures and a couple of videos. The notes are far from complete, so you’ll need to have at least some sort of background in electrical engineering to be able to explain everything.

Let me know if you have any questions and enjoy!

I also a collection of electrical-related images that might be of interest as well:

You’ll need to download both video files and either the PPTX (preferred) or PPT file.

The presentation is released under a Creative Commons license:
Creative Commons License
Electrical Engineering by Andrew Ferguson is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

  1. I actually have no idea if this is true or not. The email was just addressed to me and two other EE’s 

  2. Which I’m told was “really great” 

Operation of Hydroelectric Facilities and the Boulder Canyon Hydroelectric Generating Plant

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A while back I posted some picture on Flickr of the Boulder Canyon Hydroelectric Generating Plant. At one point, I was going to write up a little post here explaining what they were and why I had picture of such a cool (albeit old) facility.

Instead, I decided to write the paper for my class and post that in lieu of writing an actual post.
The downside, though, is that posting my paper creates about five pages of technoblable that most readers will turn away from in utter disgust. However, posting my paper does have the effect of pushing forward my “long standing desire post my school work online” and I think the latter serves the purposes of this blog better then trying to remedy the former.

I generally detest posting things on here in the PDF format, however the IEEE format for publication is rather odd and doesn’t it lend itself to online publication very easily. However, I will include the abstract and index terms for the benefit of those who are at least a little curious but do not necessarily want to read the entire paper:

Operation of Hydroelectric Facilities and the Boulder Canyon Hydroelectric Generating Plant (April 2008) [PDF]
Andrew J. Ferguson, Member, IEEE

Abstract – Boulder Canyon Hydroelectric Generating Plant has been in continuous operation since 1910. While the technology behind the operation has seen some upgrades, the infrastructure is mostly the same as it was almost a century ago.

Index Terms – Breaker, Hydroelectric generators, Synchronization, Transformer, Water.

Update: Received 95/100 on this paper.