You Are Not Eligible to Donate

I tried to donate blood last week during a drive at work (interesting side note, Boeing pays for time spent donating blood). One of my coworkers asked me and I thought it would be a fun experience, especially since I haven’t donated in a while.

I knew that because of all my recent travel, there was a chance I couldn’t donate, but I thought that enough time had passes and that at least I hadn’t been to Africa.

I told the nurse what areas I had been to, Europe, Eastern Europe, and Haiti. She was pretty sure I wouldn’t be eligible to donate, but we went through each country I visited just to make sure. The nurse meticulously wrote down every single country and major city I visited, from Moscow, Russia all the way through Frankfurt, Germany, and Haiti. As it turns out, all of Haiti is at risk for malaria. And despite the fact that I had taken chloroquine, an anti-malaria drug, I have to wait an entire year until I can give blood again.

I understand the need to be safe, and I promise I’m not complaining, but it seems like the odds of someone actually getting malaria are low enough that it should be worthwhile to collect the blood, test it, and use it if it’s clean. What diseases are tested for anyway?


Blood Draw

I had some blood drawn on Friday for a TSH/CBC check. It’s been over two years since I last had blood drawn/donated and that was only slightly better then the first time I donated blood.

I wasn’t quite sure how I do this time. I was only loosing a few milliliters of blood compared to the 450 mL or so given up during a donation, so I was hoping for no complications.

The nurse was great and was able to tap my wonderful veins on the first try. She collected the two vials (one small, one large) with a minimum of issues. However, as soon as I sat up, I started to feel it again. So and laid back down while she filled out all the forms. The lightheadedness subsided but I began to feel warm and started sweating. Then I started to feel cool (which I suspect was due to evaporative cooling). I finally felt recovered and was on my way.

Talking with some of my classmates about the experience, Smiley thinks that I might need to drink more water. I’ll try that next time.