Bill Stephens

Notes from The Annex, Part 2

My notes from Bill Stephens talk at The Annex, A Loving Response, February 24, 2009.

Potentially relevant passage: James 2:14-17 (NLT)

Two misconceptions:

  1. God loves us, therefore we are saved for eternity, thus our actions don’t matter
  2. God loves us, therefore I don’t deserve it, this I work my butt off to earn eternity. (“Checklist faith”)

Other things I wrote down:

  • Max Akaido (spelling?)
  • Holy Sweat
  • A love story: Love is what connects me and God.
  • God could show himself, but would that wipe out faith?

Notes from The Annex

My notes from Bill Stephens talk at The Annex, Just around the riverbend…C’mon, the unknown future sucks!, March 10, 2009

Potentially relevant passages: James 4:13-17

What I learned in the battle of the unknown future:

  1. I can’t always trust my emotions
  2. It could go either way
  3. Strong Godly voices are strong Godly voices
  4. Getting more information is not as satisfying as it seems
  5. No information and trusting in God is better than partial information and trusting in myself

Think about the:

  • Present: 80% of the time
  • Future: 10% of the time
  • Past: 10% of the time

Other things I wrote down:

  • Railroad Theology
  • Stay close, even if you don’t want to. Trust.