We’re Going To Need a Bigger Boat

Comcast Bandwidth

I somehow have managed to churn through over 3.5 terabytes of data on our internet connection over the last three months. While I’m glad Comcast’s “enforcement of the 250GB data consumption threshold is currently suspended”, I’m also scared to see what happens when they bring it back.

For what it’s worth, most (~90%) of that data is being pushed up to the cloud, likely to CrashPlan1.

I can’t wait for Fiber to The Home.

  1. or the NSA 

2007 Year-End Zeitgeist

Google is publishing their Zeitgeist, so I thought I’d get mine done too.

Here are the top ten search key phrases for 20071:

  1. countdown timer
  2. andrew ferguson
  3. andrew
  4. posted
  5. wordpress countdown
  6. countdown timers
  7. blockquote cite
  8. count down timer
  9. wordpress countdown plugin
  10. boeing

Top five identified web crawlers for 20071:

  1. Yahoo Slurp
  2. MSNBot
  3. Googlebot
  4. Ask
  5. MSNBot-media

Top three identifiable operating systems for 2007:

  1. Windows 69.1%
  2. Macintosh 6.9%
  3. Linux 1.9%

Top seven identifiable Internet browsers for 2007:

  1. MS Internet Explorer 41.6 %
  2. Firefox 31.0%
  3. Mozilla 3.7%
  4. Safari 3.0%
  5. Opera 1.9%
  6. Netscape 0.7%
  7. Camino 0.2%

Bandwidth: 37.67 GB of data served
Page hits: 776,512
Average monthly views2: 7633

1 as measured by AWStats for the entire andrewferguson.net domain
2 as measured by WordPress.com on the andrewferguson.net blog only for the months of May to November