art show

Art Show

Hey peoples! Remember that whole think about me working on my portfolio that ended with my Spring 2010 Portfolio Inductions? Well, it doesn’t actually end there. The entire point of updating my portfolio was so I could exhibit my latest photography, which is what I’m doing starting this Friday!

I have one 20″ x 30″ photo and one 20″ x 9″ photo, which looks something like this:

However, I’m going to make you show up to see which pictures I chose and how awesome they look! Consider this your official invitation:


Come to the Seattle Academy Arts Center (1100 12th Avenue) on May 7th for the first-ever Alumni Art Exhibit in conjunction with the annual current student Spring Art Show.

Open House-style, so drop in between dinner and going out for the night.

If you cannot make it that evening, you can still stop by the Arts Center during regular business hours through the month of May to see the alumni display in the Green Room.

Works by:
Nathan Bulmer ’00
Adrien Miller ’02
Andrew Ferguson ’04
Annie Brady ’99
Miriam Engel ’08
Nick DuPree ’08
…and more!

I’ll be there starting at 6pm, and will probably stay for at least an hour.