Holy Trinity Brompton

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I originally typed most of this up about two years ago. I never finished it and it’s been sitting in my draft posts ever since.

One of my good friends, Liz, is studying abroad in London this semester and mentioned that she was going to go check out a church that someone from UPC recommend. I asked if it was Holy Trinity Brompton. It was.

I think people from UPC enjoying going on pilgramiges to Holy Trinity Brompton.

I decided to finish entry and post it:

06 Aug 2007: Dateline London

I took the Tube down to South Kensington Station, hopped off and walked over. The outside of Holy Trinity Brompton looks like as you might imagine a traditional church front. But walk inside and everything’s revamped, including the service. It’s even more casual then UPC Sunday night. What amazes me though is that I knew 5 of the 7 songs we sang. Is there an email that goes out to all the churches that says, “All right, here’s the list of songs we’re singing. Add your songs to list and pass it on!” ?

Alright, it’s me again, back in the present (so to speak).

I don’t know if I was going to add any more to this post, so I’ll leave it as it. I think the only other thing worth mentioning is that we (well, Mom) talked to the paster after the service was over and introduced herself as a member of UPC. They chatted for a while about Alpha.