Alex Blue

Smokin’ a Bowl

Out of the blue, Nathan Fihn gives me a call. He, Alex Blue, Case Blum, and Charlie Lakatos are down at Dahl playfield smoking and want to know if I care to join them. So I says, “Sure. I’ll be down in 5 minutes.” I grab my tobacco pipe, some Scottish Delight, matches, and my smoking sweatshirt and head down. We talk. They try my pipe. It was fun.

Note: re-reading this makes it sound like it might have been marijuana we were smoking. I don’t recall what they were smoking, but I don’t think it was marijuana because I’ve never really liked the smell. So I think everyone was smoking tobacco of some sort.


Ubiquitous paradigm shift; AKA: Prom

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Ubiquitous paradigm shift is defined as a “constantly encountered” shift in “an outstandingly clear or typical example or archetype.” In other words, I had to change my expectations of Prom. This in fact, actually ended up benefiting me. But to completely understand the story, one must begin at the beginning.

I decide that I was going to prom several months ago. The decision stemmed from the fact that A) I had never been to a school dance before; and B) 5 years down the road, prom would have been the think that I would have liked to have gone too. I won’t retell the effort it took to actually find a date to prom. However, I will say that prom was journey, not a destination. For the record, my dates name was Lia DiBiase. We both go to Seattle Academy. There is no romantic interest. We had dinner with Celeste, Alex, Paige, Thomas, Natalie, and Joey (who attends O’Dea) at Thai Kitchen on Queen Anne. Then we proceeded to the Lake Union Cafe for the actually prom event. I would say that over half the population was drunk before they even arrived. There were no alcoholic beverages on the premise…at least that I was aware of, but I do know of several parties that occurred afterwards where such beverages might have been present. I wouldn’t know for sure as dropped my date off at a quarter to one and returned home to work on the Mexico Slide show.

Prom Picture…more to come soon!