Bullets Dodged or Opportunities Missed

My former girlfriend ((I’m not a fan of saying, ex-girlfriend…it seems unnecessarily cruel)), Sarah, recently became engaged. I really don’t have anything to say on the subject, I only met her boyfriend fiancé during a fleeting moment at E-Days while I was taking photos. After we broke up, we both moved on and I think it was, and still is, for the better. For me, the more interesting thought is the What If….

Over the last six years, I’ve had what I’ll graciously call four encounters; of those four, half are now engaged ((Three out of five if you count the girl I took to prom)). Now, I’m not saying I want to be engaged ((Can I get a hells-to-the-no, please. Thanks.)). But, it does make me pause to wonder…what if I was engaged to one of these persons? How would life be different? Would I even want to be engaged to one of these persons?

As I continue to grow, more and more friends are getting married. Although statistically speaking, I’m still in the majority ((Median age of marriage in the United States is 27.7 for males (source))).

Just some free flowing musings.