Shot to hell!!! WHY?!?!?

I leave for a month and a half and when I come back, everthing is shot to hell. I do sincerley appologize for the server being down. I was going mad. I believe that the power, for whatever reason, was cut off and the computer rebooted. So when I got back, I tried to fix it, but no such luck. So I switch the Compaq back the HP which, thankfully, had a backup copy of website. So here I am, computers running, Compaq is in the trash and I’m finially able to get back down to the basics.

My Trip:
I left for Colorado on the 1st of July and had an absolutly wonderful time. I really like not having to wake up to grey clouds in the morning. It really makes my day depressing. I spent the first week or so up at my family’s cabin in Estes Park. I then traveled to Broomfield and Colorado Springs to spend time with more family. I spent three days at Lake Powell, and that was great. Overall, it’s the best time I’ve had in a long time.


It’s about time!

YeeeHaaa! School is finially out, and I must say, it’s about time. Summer vacation is finally among myself and a few selected individuals until the 19th (that’s when public schools get out). Linchpin was finally released and work on the sequal, 2435, is underway. P.S. I also changed over from Xitami to Apache…so if somethings are working right…drop me a line.