Fixing stuff up

I changed the default skin for the site. I like this one better. I also have the “Galleries” working, so expect some pictures in the near future (read: next few hours). I also upgraded from php 4.2 to 4.3.1. So there might be some bugs. If there are, please drop me a line. Thanks!


What Halo is

Jeff Hanway sent this to me quite a few weeks back:

Halo is the best first person shooter ever made. It’s not the first, it’s not the most influential, it’s simply the best. The combination of great control, amazing story, excellent enemy AI and slick level design adds up to a truly impressive game indeed. Is it the best launch game ever for a system? It would be hard to argue with Super Mario Bros. in this category, but Halo will have you rethinking this. It will have you rethinking a lot of things. Like which console you’re going to buy this holiday season. Like whether or not you need to eat. Or sleep. Or do anything you should be doing. The single player game is a masterpiece, and the multi-player will keep you and fifteen of your closest friends warm for years to come.


Welcome !

Hello and welcome back to Andrew’s Web Site, this is version 5.0.0. There is, again, a slighly new layout. First off, I’m using a web-site template. You, the viewer, can now also have more control over what you see. So browse around! I’m still working on all the finicky details. The picture gallery doesn’t work quite yet, but it will soon. I promise. Until next time!


Ah…another day in the life of:

And another week is finally over. Tomorrow is the mid-term, so we have no school. I’m going up to the Pass to ski. I’ve updated the navigation bar so that it’s also run off of PHP and mySQL. There are still some items that are not linked. They just link back to this page for now. They should be fixed soon. I’ve also started working on my Star Trek database, which will allow you to search and cross-reference any information related to Star Trek. It’s going to be pretty big, so it won’t be online for at least 6 months. Right now, it’s on track to be completed by the end of my Senior year (that’s exactly 1.5 years plus 59 minutes from now).


MS v. Linux

So I was doing some research on Microsoft and Linux, and found that their are quite a bit of MS v. *nix (unix/linux); which is really not a supprise. But consider this: Apple has a monopoly on the Power PC platform. Have you *ever* heard of anything other Mac OS run on an Apple?? I think not. Anyways, that’s my 2 cents for today (which brings up another question: if I say a penny for your thoughts, and you give me your two cents, where does the other cent go?).


Christmas Presents:

Christmas was fun. I got a Dakine “Blade” backpack for skiing and a roller bag for traveling. I also got a wireless controller for Xbox and some other stuff. We flew out to Colorado today and we’re still here.


Christmas eve

It’s Christmas Eve, you might think that I wouldn’t be working on my website, but no. Your wrong. I actaully find that I work best during the “lull” times in life. So here’s what’s new, and it’s allot!

I am now a Junior! That leaves only this year and next year until I’m done. I’m getting pretty good grades considering that good grades are hard to get at my school. I’m planning on going to the UW for at least 2 years. It will be cool because they add 0.9 to my GPA (i.e. almost a full letter grade). I started work on my third, and final?, film. It’s called 2435. That’s about all I can tell you. Oh…it’s going to be soooooo cool. It’s really going to blow your socks off. I’m in the proccess of developing some hardware called a Hot Head. Basicly, it let’s a camera pan and tilt remotely. I’m making two of theses systems that will also incorperated Sony’s LANC protocal so that I can also remotely control the camera settins (like record, zoom, etc). The whole site is now converted to PHP which is good and bad. It’s good because PHP and mySQl is allot more flexable, but it’s bad because search engines don’t really like PHP and mySQL, yet. I will be leaving for Colorado tomorrow and I don’t think I’m going to bring my laptop. Why you ask? Well, I’m kinda lazy and I just don’t feel like bringing it. And I know if I do, I will have to use it and it would probably be good if I didn’t use it for a little while. So that’s that. Before I go, I also got my new skis’. Some Rossignol Cut’s. I also am getting a really spiffy ski/camping backpack.


Shot to hell!!! WHY?!?!?

I leave for a month and a half and when I come back, everthing is shot to hell. I do sincerley appologize for the server being down. I was going mad. I believe that the power, for whatever reason, was cut off and the computer rebooted. So when I got back, I tried to fix it, but no such luck. So I switch the Compaq back the HP which, thankfully, had a backup copy of website. So here I am, computers running, Compaq is in the trash and I’m finially able to get back down to the basics.

My Trip:
I left for Colorado on the 1st of July and had an absolutly wonderful time. I really like not having to wake up to grey clouds in the morning. It really makes my day depressing. I spent the first week or so up at my family’s cabin in Estes Park. I then traveled to Broomfield and Colorado Springs to spend time with more family. I spent three days at Lake Powell, and that was great. Overall, it’s the best time I’ve had in a long time.