How sweet it was


Soda pop is incredible sweet. Today is Easter (Happy Easter), which also happens to mark the end of Lent. So, I drank a can of DP, it was very sweet, literally and figuritive. It was good though.


Back from vacation

I just got back lastnight from a great week in Mexico. I’m going to get my film developed very shortly, so look for some awsome pictures very shortly.

Also, today marks the T minus one week and counting mark until Easter (aka, I can drink pop again). It has been a very long and painful process, especially since I “quit” cold turkey. But I’m almost done. :yes


Long time no see…

So it’s been a little while since my last update. So here are all the things that have happened:

3.25.2003 – I had a pediatric hernia, not a hernia. This is good becuase my recovery time is cut my 2/3rds.

3.27.2003 – I went into surgery today. Had my pediatric hernia removed. Good stuff. Thanks again to all the folks at Children’s Hospital and RMC.

3.30.2003 – Registration for new users banned following the abuse of the fourms.

That’s pretty much it for now. It’s been a slow two weeks. But that’s good. I’m leaving for Mexico this Saturday, so I won’t be back for 8 days.


BS T-shirts

You only see this if your part of the BS :wink 8) …

Anyways, head over to the [url=]fourms[/url].



You may have heard already, here it is from the top:

I have a hernia.

It’s not life threatening, but it should be fixed, which it will. Mostly likely this week, or next.

In other news, I saw a rather interestig bumber sticker:

“Trust Bush, Not Saddam”

It brings up some interesting points.



I got tired of all these people chanting No Iraq War, No… Arg! It just makes be soo mad, Quinn suggested that we go take all the signs down and burn them. I want to shoot paintballs at the protesters. In any event, I’ve made some posters of my own, that support what [i]really[/i] should happen. Print ’em out and post ’em up, if you like.
[t=][/t] and [t=][/t]


What’s actually been done vs. what has claimed to have been don

I’ve posted my Flash files, see the link to the left. I’ve also posted some video files. Again, see link to the right.

Just a word to the wise, the flash files are mine: as in, I created them, as in, you take them and I will venture over to your house with my shotgun and shot you in the knees, then leave.