The Drive Back

I was going to leave on Saturday afternoon. I wasn’t feeling to well, so I got some extra sleep, did laundry, and left on Sunday around 9am.
I met up with Jeff Staples in Portland and we had lunch at Red Robin’s.
I continued driving until Boise…

You Don’t Know Jack!

Often times when I go over to Jeff Staples’ house, we’ll play You Don’t Know Jack. It’s a great and witty game and a good time is had by all. DownloadSquad reports that YDKJ is back, almost:

One of the PC games from the mid-’90s that I have t…

Bonanza on Lake Washington

Since Quinn, Ben, and Peter are up in Canada, some of us who have to work this week (Jeff Staples and Kelly McConnell) took out the boat with Dad and Brian.

We got this crazy inner tube called Bonanza from Costco. It’s insane. You can fit two p…

The Omen (2006)

Watched The Omen tonight with Ben, Quinn, and Jeff Staples. It was actually a really good remake. A bit more suspense full, definitely more graphic/violent, but not over the top and still a good story in the end. It will be interesting to go back …

DualBS Secret Santa

We had the DualBS Secret Santa tonight. It was quite fun to see just about everyone. Jeff Staples drove over with me because he had come over from Redmond expect traffic and there was none. So he had time to kill.

I digress. When we got to Andy…

Entry Pages

Jeff Staples sent out an email to our Bible study about using Google as his personalized start pages (or home pages or entry pages or whatever-you-really-want-to-call-it pages).

But there are many more personalizable entry pages.
Microsoft has…

Life Goals

Jeff Staples sent out an email about life goals. Instead of writing a blog about it, I decided to dedicate an entire section to it: Life Goals.

Don’t forget to set your clocks forward an hour. Remember, it’s Spring Forward and Fall Back.

For the week of 2009-11-15 in Tweets

my tuition reimbursement just cleared, and that makes me very happy. #fb #
@kel_m according to wakoopa, i used facebook for just over 3 hours last week at home in reply to kel_m #
@iansltx what are your thoughts on the #droid? in reply to ians…