Born June 2nd, 2005 (or somewhere there abouts).

Officially, Dunstan is not named for anyone. However, unofficially he is named after Dunstan Orchard and Dunstan, the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Dunstan came from the Denver Dumb Friends League.

Check out pictures of Dunstan.

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6 thoughts on “Dunstan”

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  2. Whoa, someone who is more obsessed with their cat than me… weird. Also your new header looks an awful lot like the Palouse… the yucky Palouse.

    1. It’s actually in the middle of Turkey, in the Capadoccia region. Pretty much as far away as you can get from Washington. I can see the resemblance though.

      Also, I haven’t updated this page in four years. Dunstan is still around, although I should probably update this page.

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